Is Digital Transformation the Future of UK Hospitality Industry Services?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Shackle is a transformative application based in London that is revolutionising the hospitality industry.
  • It offers a wide range of services, including digitising the check-in process to providing room service, all from the convenience of a phone.
  • The app is streamlining administrative tasks, improving efficiency within the sector.
  • UK’s hospitality industry is on the verge of digital transformation that opens new opportunities.

For many years, the UK’s hospitality industry remained relatively untouched by digital transformation. However, the growing digitisation and tech advancements are now shaping the industry with enhanced customer service and efficiency. In the midst of this emerging trend, a startup has stood out with its innovative approach to digitize the whole guest experience – Shackle.

Based in London, Shackle offers a pioneering service that aims to deliver hassle-free hospitality services in a unique, digital way. The app is designed with a guest-centric mindset, addressing customers’ needs at various stages of their hotel stay, starting from pre-arrival to check-out.

What sets Shackle apart from other players in the industry is the way it seamlessly integrates various aspects of a guest’s hotel stay. With a few clicks, guests can check-in online, open their room doors, and even order room service right from their mobile phones. This holistic approach to digitising guest services not only enhances customers’ comfort and convenience but also significantly reduces the operational workload on hospitality staff.

Moreover, the app also excels in automating a myriad of administrative tasks. By bringing all systems together, Shackle offers a user-friendly platform that increases the overall operational efficiency and productivity of hotels. This innovative integration has positioned Shackle as a key player in driving the digital transformation within the UK’s hospitality sector.

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According to experts, UK’s hospitality industry is heading towards an era of digital transformation. Startups like Shackle are not just contributing to this transformation but leading it. In the coming years, we anticipate seeing more digital solutions altering the face of the UK’s hospitality industry, with Shackle at the forefront of this digital revolution.

Shackle’s website and social media platforms offer more information about their transformative application and their vision for the future of the hospitality industry. Visit their website, follow them on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn. Shackle is not just a startup; it’s a foresight into the future of the hospitality sector.

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