Is Durham’s MedTech Start-Up Revolutionising AI Through MLOps and SaaS?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Durham’s MedTech start-up,, is making the development of Artificial Intelligence easier through their SaaS products, revolutionising AI through MLOps.
  • This start-up offers tools for curating, annotating, and collaborating to create high-quality Machine Learning training sets, with a focus on medical and manufacturing images.
  • differentiates itself with a comprehensive approach to the AI toolchain which is unique amongst start-ups in the MedTech arena.
  • With the ever-increasing importance of AI in various industries, especially medical and manufacturing,’s innovative approach signifies promising possibilities for the future.

Durham-based start-up,, is an emerging player in the Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, and Machine Learning sectors. Established by Bill Shepherd and Boguslaw Obara, this enterprise is pioneering a novel approach to MedTech. They provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) product which makes developing Artificial Intelligence technologies easier. With a focus on medical and manufacturing images, offers tools for curating, annotating, and collaborating on Machine Learning (ML) training sets.

Specialising in MLOps, is one stride ahead in perfecting the development, deployment, and maintenance of AI systems. They are on a perpetual journey to evolve a full MLOps toolchain, making this start-up a game changer in the realms of AI and Machine Learning.

Where differentiates itself from its competitors is in its comprehensive solution to enhancing the quality of AI development. The ability to annotate and collaborate effectively on Machine Learning training sets, particularly for medial and industrial images, sets distinctly apart. Offering robust SaaS products that streamline AI development processes, ensures that businesses can focus on improving their performance and outcomes.

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The company’s pioneering approach to MLOps – techniques of deploying and maintaining ML algorithms – provides businesses with an innovative strategy to integrate AI into their operations. Consequently, eligible sectors have the opportunity to leverage more data, understand subtle patterns and generate accurate results, with’s unique focus on high-quality training sets feeding into this vision.

With AI being an integral part of the future in various sectors, the role of is paramount. Their innovative tools and services can bring about a revolution in medical imaging and manufacturing sectors, potentially transforming the way these industries operate. Looking forward,’s unique approach to MLOps and SaaS can significantly contribute to the evolution of the AI landscape.

The promise that represents for the MedTech industry in the UK and beyond isn’t overlooked. The rapid progress made by this Durham start-up suggests an exciting future in the AI sector. Follow their journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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