Is E-Commerce Transforming the UK Art and Furniture Retail Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • 2Covet is revolutionising the art and furniture retail industry with its e-commerce platform.
  • The startup offers a wide range of products including fine art, furniture, jewellery, and watches.
  • Founded by Mark Skitmore and Tim Wilson, the organisation is based in Eaton Socon, Cambridgeshire.
  • The future of the industry is ripe for digital disruption with companies like 2Covet leading the way.

With the continued rise in online shopping, e-commerce is transforming numerous sectors – not least the art and furniture retail industry. This change is driven by startups like 2Covet, a UK-based online shop that specialises in art, furniture, jewellery, and watches. This e-commerce platform is successfully bringing the world of high-end art, intricate craftsmanship, and opulent interior design to consumers at the click of a button.

Founded by Mark Skitmore and Tim Wilson, 2Covet is tapping into the often underrepresented art and furniture market online, attracting customers with its array of diverse offerings and nominal prices. Their product categories range from contemporary art and fine print to luxurious furniture and classic timepieces. The ultimate goal of this ambitious startup is to change people’s perspectives about purchasing curated and high-priced items online.

What sets 2Covet apart from other e-retailers is not just a wide-ranging product line but an appreciation for artistic craftsmanship. This focus on the artists and their skills enables a unique connection between the consumer, the piece, and the artist. An intuitive user interface, secure checkout, and seamless shipping further streamline the shopping process, thereby ensuring a satisfying customer experience.

The founders of 2Covet also have a knack for identifying market gaps and addressing them effectively. For instance, recognising the need for a dedicated online platform that seamlessly bridges buyers with art industry professionals, they’ve successfully cultivated a community around quality art, design, and craftsmanship.

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Notwithstanding the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the momentum that 2Covet has acquired is likely to continue into the future, accelerating digital disruption in the art and interior design sectors. The startup’s innovative model of bridging the skill of producers with the taste of consumers has already proven fruitful and shows no signs of slowing down.

As the e-commerce wave sweeps across the globe, evolving consumer habits and increasing digital literacy are expected to play a significant role in shaping the UK’s art and furniture retail industry. With its dedicated approach and a keen eye for detail, 2Covet is poised to make a substantial impact in this rapidly evolving landscape. To learn more about 2Covet, visit them on their website, or connect through Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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