Is Eco-Friendly Business Networking The Future Of The Marketplace Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • is a London-based start-up offering an innovative substitute to traditional business cards.
  • The company provides customized cards crafted from plastic, metal, or wood, complimented by a comprehensive app.
  • is an eco-conscious company with a pledge to plant one tree for every card sale, aiming at planting 1 million trees within three years.
  • The future of the marketplace industry might be driven by eco-friendly business networking solutions like this.

Founded in the bustle of London’s entrepreneurial scene, is a startup focusing on business development, lifestyle, and marketplace. Led by Miraskar Mirakhmedov, x-one’s vision is centered on modernizing the traditional business card. The pursuit of providing a one-stop solution for businesses contacts and marketplace offers couldn’t be any more timely. In a time where networking forms the bedrock of business growth, is here to redefine the status quo.

Shedding the traditional paper-based business cards, offers luxurious personalised cards created from plastic, metal, or even wood. These cards are not just an eco-friendly alternative, they are designed to represent the brand in an innovative fashion. Truly a game-changer for entrepreneurs, founders, and managers looking to make their mark. sets itself apart by intertwining technology and sustainability in its business model. Every card is complimented by a smart app, a digital platform facilitating easy exchange and storage of business contacts and marketplace offers. And being founded on the principle of environmental consciousness, for each card sold, a tree is planted. With a goal of planting 1 million trees within 3 years, is far from your regular start-up.

It is also worth noting that is not just about selling personalized cards, but about fostering a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and founders who value sustainability. With its goal to plant 1 million trees, is essentially creating a ripple effect of environmental consciousness within the industry.

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Considering the increasing business emphasis on environmental sustainability, coupled with the rising popularity of networking applications,’s unique approach might just define the future of the marketplace industry. A brighter future that is driven by eco-friendly business networking, where start-ups like lead the way. Technology and sustainability can truly be harmonized when the right thought meets the right action. To stay updated and learn more about, follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or visit their Website.

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