Is Family-Assisted Finance the Future of London’s Fintech Mortgage Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Tembo Money, a London-based fintech startup, introduces a fresh approach to home financing with their family-assisted mortgage product.
  • The company offers a novel solution to a generational issue – high property prices and low wages have left many young adults unable to afford a home.
  • With the vision of leveling the property playing field, Tembo encourages home ownership through family-assisted financial solutions.
  • The startup’s distinctive concept might potentially redefine the future of London’s mortgage industry.

Financial services startup, Tembo Money, is shaking things up in the fintech mortgage industry in London. Headquartered in England’s capital city, the company seeks to transform the traditional lending landscape by introducing a revolutionary mortgage product designed to aid the generation struggling to afford a home. With property prices soaring whilst wages remain stagnant, home ownership has become progressively more challenging for younger adults in the city.

Founded by Eddie Ross, Geoff Wright, and Richard Dana, Tembo Money’s mission is to provide families with the necessary financial support to purchase a home. Their model pushes for a fair system of property buying, where everyone – irrespective of age or income – has a shot at home ownership.

What sets Tembo apart is its unique approach to home financing. In an industry where financial institutions often dictate the terms, Tembo takes a more democratic approach – enabling families to assist younger members move up the property ladder. This method deviates from standard practices, turning the whole process into an inclusive family affair.

Instead of focusing solely on the home buyer, Tembo’s platform contemplates the whole family’s financial potential when determining loan eligibility and conditions. This not only increases the chances for the buyer to secure a mortgage, but also ensures the entire family can contribute without overextending their financial capabilities.

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As an innovator in the London fintech mortgage industry, the potential for Tembo Money is vast. If their model proves to be sustainable, and it helps alleviate London’s affordable housing crisis, Tembo could be a game changer. Furthermore, if it manages to gain traction in London, there’s minimal stopping the concept from extending nationwide, and potentially influencing home ownership and property buying trends globally.

The family-assisted finance approach could indeed be the future of the fintech mortgage industry. Only time will tell but with startups like Tembo leading the charge, a more equitable future looks hopeful. To stay updated with Tembo’s advancements, visit their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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