Is Global On-Demand IT Support the Future of UK Business Infrastructure?

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Key Takeaways:

  • NerdApp is a London-based Information Technology startup offering on-demand IT Support from a global pool of vetted IT professionals.
  • The startup is designed to function as a virtual IT department providing rapid on-site support across the US and UK, and global remote support in less than 30 seconds.
  • Businesses can build and scale their remote IT teams efficiently, while also having the option to hire IT talent for long-term contract work.
  • NerdApp is positioned to pioneer the Future of Work in the £1.3 trillion IT services market.
  • Founded by Kelvin Wetherill, NerdApp aims to mitigate the global IT talent shortage and redefine the dynamics of UK Business Infrastructure.

In an increasingly digital era, having access to rapid and reliable IT support is pivotal to any organization’s smooth operations. NerdApp, a UK startup based in London, is leveraging the power of today’s connectivity to provide businesses with on-demand IT support. This remarkable startup offers access to a global Talent Cloud of vetted IT engineers, aptly referred to as “Nerds”.

Owing to the rise of remote working and digital business operations, IT support has evolved from a back-office function to a business-critical service. Addressing this reality, NerdApp comes in as an Enterprise SaaS platform that could manage everything IT related under one umbrella, providing businesses with their own virtual IT department.

What truly differentiates NerdApp is the speed and span of its services. Drawing on the strength of its Tiered Talent Cloud comprising vetted IT professionals globally, NerdApp assures global remote support within 30 seconds. Furthermore, businesses seeking to expand their IT capabilities can do so in minutes, enabling rapid scaling at any given time. Also significant is its provision for hiring IT talent for long-term contract work, creating a flexible resource pool that meets the broader business requirements.

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Crafted onto a user-friendly interface, NerdApp’s simplicity in operation conceals the complexity of the sophisticated algorithms operating behind the scenes. These algorithms work to match businesses with the ideal IT professionals based not just on their technical requirements, but also considering the cultural fit and time-zone alignment, ensuring higher productivity and seamless collaboration.

As industries continue to evolve and their IT requirements grow exponentially, it is startups like NerdApp that seem to hold the key to the future of UK business infrastructure. By bridging the talent gap in the IT services market, estimated to be worth £1.3 trillion, NerdApp contributes to mitigating the global talent shortage, revealing its immense potential for growth and impact.

With the IT industry’s forward momentum expected to continue unabated, the demand for platforms like NerdApp will undoubtedly increase. Ensuring businesses can access IT support efficiently and affordably, NerdApp looks set to be a game-changer in the defense strategy against the age of digital vulnerability. Visit NerdApp’s website here. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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