Is Leicester’s Pioneer in Software Consulting Shaping the Future of ICT?

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Key Takeaways

  • Target ICT is making waves in ICT consulting with their mobile (iOS & Android) application development, web consultancy, and software development services.
  • The Leicester-based company is a pioneer in the industry, offering tailored services to maximize clients’ return on investment.
  • With strong roots in the community, Target ICT’s future is very promising, and it could shape the future of ICT consulting in the UK.

Located in the heart of Leicester, Target ICT stands as a prominent figure in the Information Technology and software consulting landscape of the United Kingdom. Established in 2018 by Peter Banigo, this innovative enterprise has been offering groundbreaking web consultancy services, mobile application development (both iOS & Android), and software development strategies for a fast-paced digital world.

Target ICT distinguishes its services by individually evaluating prospective projects to ensure maximum Return on Investment (ROI) for clients. This unique approach is a testament to their commitment to provision of high-quality, client-centered ICT consulting services.

What separates Target ICT from other startups is their bespoke, client-centric approach that ensures every project is individually assessed. This tailored analysis enables them to maximize the ROI for their clients. Furthermore, the company offers a wide range of services, from web consulting to mobile application development and software development, making them a multi-faceted partner in the realm of ICT consulting.

In a time where cookie-cutter solutions abound, Target ICT’s focus on tailoring solutions for maximum client benefit sets them head and shoulders above many in the industry. Their dedication to the highest standards of service, coupled with a multi-service offering, positions them as a true pioneer within their field.

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Looking into the future, Target ICT is steadily solidifying its position as a leading light in ICT consulting within the UK. The company’s dedication towards crafting innovative solutions and providing exceptional client service ensures it stays ahead of industry trends. With such dedication, Target ICT is not just shaping its future, but also the future of the ICT consulting industry in the UK – and possibly beyond.

A deeper look into the company can be taken by visiting their website at – or you can follow the company’s updates and explorations on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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