Is London’s Multifaceted Tech Startup Revolutionising Computer Repair and Shipping?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Just Computers is a multi-faceted tech startup based in London, providing services in computer repair, money transfer, cargo, and shipping.
  • The company is revolutionising the industry with in-home computer repairs, secure, and fast money transferring services, as well as comprehensive shipping offerings.
  • Just Computers future growth and impact in the startup landscape spark significant potential due to their diverse service offering in a rapidly digitising world.


In our digital age, a day without computers seems impossible, leaving many at a loss when technology fails. London’s startup scene presents a solution to this issue with Just Computers, a company specialising in several areas from computer repair to shipping. This versatile startup, situated in the heart of London, England, is pushing boundaries in computer repairs, money transfers, cargo and shipping.

Just Computers provides vast services that include speedy and reliable computer and laptop repairs at clients’ locations, quick and straightforward money transfer services, as well as extensive shipping capabilities with major carriers like DHL. Their additional offerings include secure, high-speed internet access and PC terminals with built-in webmail and messenger apps.


What sets Just Computers apart from other tech start-ups is its unique business model, combining various services under one umbrella. Their engineers’ ability to repair computers and laptops at the customer’s location sets a new standard in the industry, making the repair process convenient and efficient for the user. In addition, their thorough, fast, and reliable money transfer services offer a significant advantage in today’s fast-paced, globalising world where instant and secure transactions are key.

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In complement to their computer services, Just Computers integrates a comprehensive shipping, cargo service, assisting customers in sending any package to anywhere worldwide. Coupled with their provision of high-speed internet access and fully-equipped PC terminals, their business model truly addresses an array of customer needs in the digital age.


The future for Just Computers looks incredibly promising. As life becomes more digital, the demand for their services will most likely increase. By providing a holistic approach to computer repairs, money transfers, shipping, and internet services, this startup is effectively carving a niche in the industry. They are well-poised to set a new industry standard, embodying the essence of the digital revolution within their service suite.

To stay updated with Just Computers’ progress and innovative solutions in these rapidly evolving industries, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and their website.

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