Is Manchester’s Software Revolution Bolstering Workforce Development and Career Agility?

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Key Takeaways

  • Laudah facilitates career development and growth for the entire workforce by connecting them to competency data.
  • The platform allows individuals to design their own career paths and continuously assess their skills.
  • Laudah also provides flexible, easily accessible training and coaching programs which are not time-consuming.
  • Laudah’s solutions are helping to bolster workforce development and career agility in Manchester’s software industry.

Manchester, renowned for its rich industrial heritage, is now on the cusp of a software revolution. The city is witnessing a surge of promising start-ups like Laudah, pushing the boundaries on how technology can be leveraged in the workforce development sphere. Laudah’s central aim is to bolster career agility and development, a critical aspect in the fast-paced tech sector.

Founded by Deji Ariyo, Laudah integrates expertise and career agility solutions, aligning employee competence with business requirements. The platform provides an interconnected space that links individuals with competency data, allowing them to design their own career paths through continuous skills assessment.

The platform’s differential lies in its people-centric approach. Unlike traditional development tools that often focus on a one-size-fits-all model, Laudah tailors its tools to meet individual needs. This personalised approach, complemented by its holistic development plans, enable people not just to upskill, but to pursue a trajectory suited to their interests and abilities.

Laudah also stands out through its flexible training and coaching programs. Rather than bound by static schedules, the platform accommodates the pace of individuals, ensuring skills development in a non-time-consuming manner. Furthermore, Laudah transcends the boundaries of mere skill acquisition by continuously evaluating the impact of training on the workforce’s behavioural change.

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As Manchester’s software revolution continues to gain momentum, Laudah is pioneering an innovative approach in workforce development, providing tools that facilitate career mobility and personal growth. With this approach, employees are not only equipped with the required skills but also gain a sense of control over their career paths, contributing to employee satisfaction and retention.

The future of the tech industry demands continuous learning and adaptation. As such, start-ups like Laudah equipped with the vision and tools to enhance career agility and enhance personal growth stand to grow alongside the sector’s evolution. For more details about Laudah, visit their website at or follow them on Linkedin at

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