Is On-Demand Roadside Assistance the Future of UK Breakdown Cover?

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Key Takeaways:

  • RescueMate offers the convenience of on-demand roadside assistance through a pay-per-use model, differentiating itself from traditional breakdown covers.
  • With a faster and cheaper model compared to national breakdown subscriptions, the company aims to revolutionise roadside recovery service in the UK.
  • RescueMate has been often referred to as the future of the UK breakdown cover due to its innovative business model and extensive service outreach.

Let’s talk about the future of roadside assistance in UK. Meet RescueMate, a Manchester-based startup which is set to disrupt the standard breakdown cover with its on-demand, pay-as-you-use roadside recovery app. Providing on-demand mobile tyre fitting among other services, RescueMate presents an exciting and innovative twist on the traditional breakdown cover.

Rescue Mate aspires to change the fact that motorists are often left with huge bills after roadside incidents. The startup’s services are not just about recovery; they’re about ensuring cost-efficient customer assistance in times of need, providing a service that’s both affordable and reliable. The average motorist breaks down once every 4 years with an overall average cost of £400, but RescueMate is here to dramatically reduce that cost.

The uniqueness of RescueMate lies in its exceptional business model. Unlike their competitors, they offer an affordable one-off service. Their average service cost is £89, so motorists can be reassured they pay once only for the service received each breakdown. Versus standard insurance and national breakdown subscriptions, RescueMate’s offering comes out as cheaper, quicker and more efficient.

With a mission of offering the fastest response time, RescueMate positions itself as a swift, affordable and effective alternative to other national breakdown services and clubs. It’s this mix of speed, affordability, and efficiency that sets this startup apart in a competitive marketplace.

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In the future, RescueMate’s unique business model and revolutionising solutions could become the go-to for UK motorists seeking reliable roadside assistance. The market of UK breakdown cover might see a significant shift as more customers become aware of the advantages of on-demand services.

The burgeoning industry certainly has space for innovators like RescueMate. The startup aims to elevate the sector to new heights, and being the superior choice for roadside assistance, it’s on a promising trajectory. For more about RescueMate, visit their website at or reach out to them on LinkedIn.

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