Is Premixed Cocktails Industry Revolution the Future for UK Bars and Restaurants?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Soho Street Cocktails is revolutionising the Food and Beverage industry with pre-mixed cocktails.
  • Their business model allows bars and restaurants to improve service consistency, decrease wait times, and increase revenue.
  • The drinks use real fruit, avoiding artificial tastes or colours.
  • Founded by Grant Walker and Paul Scarratt, this startup is based in London but aims to have an impact on bars and restaurants nationwide.

Understanding that giving customers a great experience is one of the top priorities of the UK’s bars and restaurant industry, London-based startup Soho Street Cocktails is providing innovative solutions to enhance that experience. Soho Street Cocktails is a local manufacturer of pre-mixed cocktails. Their revolutionary approach is the new beacon for the industry, creating an interesting opportunity for businesses to streamline their beverage services.

Their business model is built around providing cocktail pouches made with real fruit, serving authenticity and quality over artificial tastes or colours. This not only allows bars and restaurants to maintain a high standard of service consistency, but it also drastically cuts down on wait times, ultimately increasing revenue.

Soho Street Cocktails stands out, offering famed cocktail recipes ready-prepared for immediate consumption. Their dedication to preserving the original taste and quality of these cocktails sets them apart. The startup’s choice to emphasise natural tastes over artificial ones improves the overall experience for customers who naturally gravitate towards beverages that offer an authentic blend of flavours.

Additionally, the efficiency that Soho Street Cocktails bring to businesses is unparalleled. The complete preparedness of their cocktails eliminates the time-consuming process of blending cocktails from scratch. This speedy process means customers can enjoy their favourite drinks promptly and consistently. Also, by reducing wait times, businesses can serve more customers, leading to boosted revenue.

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Looking into the future, Soho Street Cocktails appears set on a promising trajectory. The startup has the potential to revolutionize the industry by selling their unique product to a larger demographic. A surge in operational efficiency and revenue could be a game-changer for UK’s bars and restaurants, as they try to recover from the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As bars and restaurants across the UK look to offer improved drinks service without compromising on quality or authenticity, Soho Street Cocktails appears ready to cater to these needs. Connect with the founders, Grant Walker and Paul Scarratt, on LinkedIn. Or follow their innovative journey on Twitter and Facebook. To learn more about their products, visit their official website at

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