Is Revolutionary Polymer Waste Recycling the Future of UK’s Industrial Sectors?

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With growing global concerns around climate change and waste management, the UK-based start-up company, BIG Atom, is on a mission to end polymer waste. Through innovative application of chemical, environmental and mechanical engineering principles, they aim to revolutionise industrial sectors’ approaches to waste management in the UK.

BIG Atom operates in recycling, oil and gas and waste management industries. They develop, build and operate new generation infrastructure for processing various types of waste, focusing initially on tyre recycling before expanding into plastics. As part of their innovative venture, they also run an in-house innovation arm developing efficient operations management software, material separation equipment and pyrolysis technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • BIG Atom is on a mission to end polymer waste.
  • Their initial focus is on tyre recycling with plans to expand into recycling plastics.
  • The company operates a waste collection service and tyre processing plant.
  • BIG Atom is UK-based but aims for a global impact on waste management strategies.

What sets BIG Atom apart from the competition is their multifaceted approach to waste management. Rather than simply processing waste, they “reverse” manufacture it, transforming plastics and rubbers back into recycled crude. This approach not only tackles the immediate problem of waste, but it also provides a new source for raw materials, creating a circular economy.

Beyond processing waste, they also develop technology and strategies to enhance the efficiency of the entire waste management process. The company’s in-house innovation arm is engaged in continuous development of material separation equipment, pyrolysis technology and operations management software.

With the current focus on tackling climate change and the need to reinvent how we treat waste, the potential for BIG Atom’s contribution to waste management is enormous. Recyclers, like BIG Atom, have a critical role to play in meeting government targets of zero waste to landfill, and in promoting sustainable industrial processes in a world increasingly aware of its environmental footprint.

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Given its ambitious mission to end polymer waste, BIG Atom’s future looks promising. The company is poised to make significant strides in revolutionising the recycling industry, the oil and gas sector, and indeed, the entire industrial landscape. For further information on BIG Atom, the company’s mission and strategies, visit their website here. Connect with them through their socials: Facebook, LinkedIn.

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