Is Revolutionising Personalised Nutrition the Next Big Break in Health Tech?

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Health tech startup, myLevels, is pioneering a new age in personalised nutrition. Tailoring individual diets based on precise data gathered from wearable glucose monitors, they offer a new perspective on health care and wellness.

Based in London, United Kingdom, the company falls under the industries of Fitness, Health Care, and Wellness. It was founded by Iliyan Zarov and Laura Douglas, whose innovative vision guides personalised care towards a more data-driven future.

Key Takeaways:

  • MyLevels is revolutionising personalised nutrition with their wearable tech and tailored recommendations
  • The startup’s unique approach to health tech aims to balance sugar levels through food intake
  • The founders, Iliyan Zarov and Laura Douglas, are paving the way for a more data-driven future in health and wellness

What sets myLevels apart is its marriage of technology and nutrition. The wearable glucose sensor it provides makes it possible for users to see their sugar levels in real time, and gain a clear understanding of how they uniquely respond to food. With this data, they can then receive personalised recommendations on their diet to maintain a balanced sugar level, taking out the guesswork often associated with nutrition.

In essence, myLevels is personalising the broad field of nutrition, enabling each user to have a unique diet plan in line with their personal physiology. As health and fitness become increasingly personalised, myLevels fills an essential gap in our current knowledge of how food impacts our individual bodies.

As of now, myLevels sits at the forefront of the evolving field of health tech. With the rise in chronic illnesses related to diet and lifestyle, such as diabetes and obesity, the services provided by this startup are more relevant than ever. We look forward to seeing how their unique approach will catalyse a paradigm shift in health and wellness.

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Looking towards the future, myLevels is poised to continue pushing boundaries in the health tech industry. With the proliferation of wearable tech and data-based personalisation, we can anticipate new insights into our understanding of the relationship between diet and health. Follow their journey on their website, or stay connected via Twitter and LinkedIn.

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