Is the Future of Online Gaming and Software in Innovative Server Networks?

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Welcome to the latest in our startup showcase series where we examine startups changing the face of different industries across the UK. Our focus for this piece is Just2Craft, a gaming startup making an impressive impact in the world of online gaming and software innovation. Working within the realms of extremely popular Minecraft server networks, Just2Craft is earmarked for its potential in redefining how we understand and utilise server networks for online gaming.

As part of this feature, we aim to answer the question: “Is the Future of Online Gaming and Software in Innovative Server Networks?”. You’ll find an analysis of what sets this startup apart from the pack and an exploration into the future prospects for both Just2Craft and the industry sector it inhabits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Just2Craft is a gaming startup based in London with a focus on building server networks for online gaming.
  • They have created several servers arranged on a BungeeCord, offering a range of gaming experiences, including Lobby, Creative, Survival, Skyblock servers, as well as PvP Factions servers.
  • The future of the online gaming and software could see a growing dependence on bespoke, innovative server networks like those provided by Just2Craft.
  • Startups like Just2Craft are paving the way for a more immersive and interactive online gaming experience.

Just2Craft has carved a very specific niche within the online gaming industry. By offering users a variety of gaming experiences through their unique server system, the company is providing more than just a platform for players. Their system is comprised of several servers, such as a Creative server, Survival servers, Skyblock server, a Rust server, and PvP Factions servers, all arranged on a BungeeCord. This variety, in combination with innovative use of server networks, offers gamers an expansive and immersive experience unlike any other platform.

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What sets Just2Craft apart from its competitors is its focus on creating a diverse range of gaming experiences, available all on one platform. While other companies may have server networks, their scope is often limited. Just2Craft, however, has created a versatile offering that increases user engagement, boosts interaction and delivers a more comprehensive gaming platform.

Looking ahead, the future of this burgeoning industry sees even greater potential for startups like Just2Craft. With the rising popularity of online gaming, the demand for immersive and varied experiences has never been higher. It is in this reality that the role of innovative server networks becomes abundantly clear. They offer a level of customisation and diversity that is currently unparalleled, enabling a more personalised gaming experience for every user.

Ultimately, the future of online gaming and software may very well lie in the development of innovative server networks. Startups like Just2Craft are leading this charge, shaping the way we game and interact online. For more information on Just2Craft and their unique server networks, please visit their website: You can also find them on Facebook at:

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