Is This Edinburgh-Based Civic Tech Startup Leading Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery?

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Key takeaways:

  • Scottish Tech Army is a not-for-profit startup based in Edinburgh, providing critical support to Scotland’s government, local authorities, and businesses through technical development projects particularly designed to address Covid-19 related challenges.
  • The company stands apart from others in the industry due to its extensive volunteering network and its strong commitment to aiding post-pandemic economic recovery in Scotland.
  • The future looks promising for Scottish Tech Army as a leading force within the civic tech sector, as their unique model of operation paves the way for further societal benefits.

Borne amidst the challenging climate of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Edinburgh-based startup company, Scottish Tech Army, dedicatedly extends its services to support their homeland navigate the turbulent terrain shaped by the pandemic. They continue to deploy technical development projects which provide essential aid to Scottish Government, Local Authorities, and various organisations across the country. With a core aim of catalysing recovery post-pandemic, this addition to the civic tech industry is arguably spearheading Scotland’s fight against the pandemic fallout.

Founded as a not-for-profit, the company harnesses the power of volunteer contributions to drive its mission of supporting Scotland through these unprecedented times. While various local businesses, organisations, and the government battle myriad challenges invoked by Covid-19, this volunteering community is committed to bringing technical expertise to the table, enabling a timely response to these challenges scenarios.

Amidst numerous tech startups, the Scottish Tech Army differentiates itself with an extensive network of volunteers providing exclusive civic and social services. This proactive civic tech startup takes the unique approach of rallying volunteers from the tech community to address pandemic-induced challenges. Rather than simply selling a product or service, they are invested in creating a community equipped with technical knowledge and a willingness to help, thus contributing to societal benefits.

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Moreover, its non-profit characteristic lends a distinct edge. As most businesses today are driven by profits, a company that prioritizes societal needs and direct their resources towards tackling current social issues certainly stands apart. The Scottish Tech Army exemplifies the power of tech-sector volunteering and showcases a different side of the tech community – that of empathy, contribution, and social responsibility.

Looking ahead, the future appears promising for the Scottish Tech Army. As society becomes more and more dependent on digital and technical capabilities, the need for civic tech will continue to surge. Combined with the anticipated long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, this suggests a growing demand for the startup’s services. Following in the footsteps of organisations like Code for America, they represent the future model for civic tech organizations across the globe.

In conclusion, the Scottish Tech Army is not just another tech startup, but a revolutionary player in the civic tech field. With a community of volunteers actively working towards implementing technical solutions for the betterment of the society, they are truly leading the post-pandemic economic recovery. For more information visit their website and engage with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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