Is This FinTech Disrupting Payment Solutions in the UK Gaming Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • Game Payment Technology is revolutionising payment solutions in the UK gaming industry by facilitating cashless transactions
  • The company is a joint venture of two industry specialists, Bacta and Polar Moment
  • Through their tailored payment solution, GPT offers a user-friendly way to pay for gaming machines


Is there a FinTech company shaking up the traditional method of payment solutions in the UK gaming industry? Yes, there is! Its name, Game Payment Technology (GPT). This London-based startup is embracing FinTech’s potential within the gaming sector to offer secure, efficient and effortless cashless payment solutions for gaming machines. The venture is a strategic partnership between Bacta, the trade association for the amusement and gaming machine industry, and Polar Moment, payment industry experts.

GPT stands out in its attempt to combat one of the gaming industry’s biggest challenges – the gradual phasing out of cash transactions. By providing a smart, seamless digital payment alternative, GPT addresses the need for industry modernisation.

Unique Differentials

What separates Game Payment Technology from traditional payment platforms in the gaming industry is its innovative approach. GPT isn’t just banking on digitising payments but optimising the user experience as well. They’ve developed a system that’s easy-to-use, and efficient. As brand confidence and user adoption grow, GPT’s solution has the potential to significantly reduce reliance on cash within the gaming industry.

Moreover, as a result of the strategic partnership between Bacta and Polar Moment, GPT benefits from the combined strengths of these industry experts. Bacta offers unmatched insights into the gaming and amusement industry and Polar Moment brings its expertise in secure and innovative payment solutions. Together, they deliver a unique product designed to meet the specific needs of the gaming industry.

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The future looks promising for GPT. As more businesses and consumers alike shift towards cashless solutions, the demand for GPT’s services is likely to grow dramatically. The potential for cross-industry application increases their expansion capabilities, and similar payment solutions might start appearing across other entertainment sectors. Therefore, GPT’s current gaming-focused strategy could just be the springboard for further widespread industry innovation.

To keep up with Game Payment Technology’s progress and future developments, you can follow them on Twitter at @gamepaymenttech, on Facebook at Game Payment Technology, or on Linkedin at Game Payment Technology. Alternatively, check out their website at for more details.

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