Is This FinTech the Future of Customer-Centric Alternative Banking Solutions?

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Key Takeaways

  • Lanistar, a fintech company based in London, is revolutionizing the banking and financial services sector through customer-centric operations using polymorphic technology
  • With 45 full-time staff and plans to grow by employing more staff in Greece, Lanistar shows strong potential for growth and scalability
  • The startup’s partnerships with Mastercard and Jumio solidify its position as a strong player in the fintech industry
  • Lanistar’s operations could be a peek into the future of customer-centric alternative banking

The global banking industry is no stranger to disruptive innovation. Fintech, a term that refers to technology-driven financial services, is constantly evolving landscapes and reshaping expectations for customers and businesses alike. Located in the heart of this disruptive transformation is Lanistar, a London-based fintech company. Lanistar positions itself distinctly by adopting a customer-centric model, something that traditional banking is often criticized for neglecting.

Founded by Gurhan Kiziloz, Lanistar makes use of innovative polymorphic technology to provide an alternative to the personal finance offerings provided by established banking institutions. It pairs tech-savviness with a focus on customer service, boasting of 45 full-time staff, and has plans to grow a 150-person support team in Greece.

The cornerstone of Lanistar’s operation lies in its use of polymorphic technology. Polymorphic technology adapts to the individual user’s needs, going above and beyond the one-size-fits-all model, often criticised in the banking industry. This approach provides a unique, personalised experience for each customer, hence creating a robust value proposition that differentiates Lanistar from traditional banks and other fintech startups.

Lanistar’s strategic partnerships with companies such as Mastercard and Jumio also sets it apart. These collaborations allow the company to leverage on their partners’ resources and technology, further bolstering Lanistar’s value proposition and competitive advantage. For instance, leveraging Mastercard’s extensive network could potentially open up broader customer access for Lanistar.

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In conclusion, Lanistar is a promising player in the fintech industry. Its emphasis on customer-centricity, use of polymorphic technology, and strategic partnerships strongly position it as a future leader in the alternative banking sector. As the company grows and continues to disrupt traditional banking norms, we expect to see more innovations that further amplify customer satisfaction and improve personal finance management.

To see more of what Lanistar has to offer, check out their official website here. You can also follow them on Twitter and stay updated with their latest announcements on LinkedIn.

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