Is this London-Based Collaboration Software Transforming Remote Team Communication?

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Key Takeaways

  • Kosy is a London-based startup that offers a communications platform for remote team working.
  • It distinguishes itself through offering ‘drop-in’ rooms, facilitating spontaneous communication and imitating office environment virtually.
  • The company has potential to transform remote team communication due to its unique approach.
  • Kosy might be a glimpse into the future of remote working principle.

As the global workforce adjusts to the new normal of remote working amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, communication and collaboration have become paramount. A clear communication can bridge the gap of physical distance and foster a team spirit. This is where Kosy, a London-based software company, lends its expertise. Its virtual office space offers a unique solution to promote effective communication and collaboration amongst teams operating remotely.

Kosy’s platform is a modern-day solution to the age-old problem of communication within off-site teams. They blend video, voice, and content sharing to bring teams closer together, making remote work less isolating for each member. The focus is to keep the team communication seamless and interactive, mimicking the presence of being together.

The key differentiator for Kosy in comparison to other similar platforms is the concept of ‘drop-in’ rooms. This innovation allows for spontaneous communication between team members, much like bumping into a fellow worker in a physical office space. It is this sense of fluidity and directness that helps Kosy to replicate an actual office environment virtually.

The uniqueness does not stop here, Kosy also offers dedicated spaces for work and relaxation, again mimicking the pair of work desks and breakout spaces within a physical office setting. This juxtaposition of work and relaxation has the potential to create a well-rounded, balanced and stress-free remote working environment for the users.

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Looking at the current digitalization trend and increasing demand for better remote working solutions, Kosy’s realistic approach is promising. With their insightful vision towards the modern office, the future holds big things for this London-based startup.
In an era where remote working is becoming the norm and not an exception, Kosy could potentially redefine the dynamics of team communication.

If you’re keen to learn more about Kosy and the revolutionary work they are doing in the field of team communication, do visit their website at and follow them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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