Is This London-Based Personal Shopping App Revolutionising Fashion E-Commerce?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Designo is a London-based personal shopping app breaking ground in the fashion e-commerce industry.
  • Founded by Marcellus Ebhodaghe and Summit Sharma, the app creates a seamless and personalized shopping experience for its users.
  • Designo’s user-friendly web design, and time-saving features differentiate it from other fashion apps.
  • The future of the fashion e-commerce industry seems immensely promising with innovative start-ups such as Designo transforming the way people shop.

Established in the heart of London, Designo is a fresh startup that’s taking the fashion e-commerce industry by storm. Founded by Marcellus Ebhodaghe and Summit Sharma, Designo embodies a true solution to 21st-century shopping – a personal shopping application designed for simplicity and finesse. At its core, the app aims to provide its users with a unique shopping experience, eliminating the guesswork and making everyone feel fabulous.

The world of fashion is full of endless choices, different trends, and constantly evolving styles, making it a challenge to keep up while maintaining an individual identity. Designo is here to bridge the gap between current fashion trends and personal style. With Designo, you don’t have to worry about making tough fashion decisions or spending hours picking out the perfect outfit – because you know what? You really don’t deserve that!

What differentiates Designo from other fashion apps is a blend of its user-friendly web design and innovative software. With just a few clicks, Designo provides the users with a personalized shopping experience. Its advanced software interprets the user’s fashion preference and customizes the shopping choices accordingly. By incorporating ingenious web design, Designo has made fashion more accessible, allowing users to express their style without any limit or restriction.

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Furthermore, the app allows you to enjoy your personal fashion journey at your own pace, without having any algorithm interference. Unlike other e-commerce platforms, Designo is not about pushing the latest trend, but about understanding what the user truly wants. It’s a fashion forward app that respects and values individuality.

In an era of digital transformation, Designo embodies the future of shopping. With the ever-growing demand for personalized experiences, Designo stands at the forefront of individualized e-shopping, transforming the way people buy and experience fashion. As the fashion industry continues to move more and more online, companies like Designo are helping to shape this new digital landscape.

The world of e-commerce is continuously evolving and Designo, with its ground-breaking app, is poised to revolutionize this changing world. Keep an eye on Designo because the journey has only just begun. You can follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Check out their website right here:

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