Is This Manchester-Based FinTech Revolutionising Online Payment Processing Solutions?

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  • Manchester-based Fintech startup offers a unique, customizable online payment processing solution.
  • Through a single API integration, businesses can easily manage their transactions from various sales channels.
  • Human live support is integrated with the payment system, ensuring seamless user experience.
  • The future holds promising growth and expansion for and its potential in revolutionising the FinTech industry.

As technology continues to evolve, startups all over the world are reshaping the financial industry through innovative solutions and approaches. Leading the charge in the UK is Manchester-based fintech startup,, which has made significant strides in revolutionising online payment processing. Catering to the ever-growing e-commerce market, provides businesses with an efficient, seamless mechanism to accept various payment methods across different sales channels.

With a focus on providing tailor-made solutions, offers a unique, flexible platform. They take pride in their ability to customise their services, thereby creating personalised procedures to meet each business requirement. By offering an engaging platform, they not only simplify the payment process but also enhance the overall customer experience.

What sets apart from its competitors is their emphasis on simplicity and adaptability. They offer access to their acquiring network through a single API integration, enabling businesses to streamline their operations and manage their transaction processing efficiently. Furthermore,’s solution is not just about payment acceptance; it goes beyond that.

In addition to providing processing solutions, they also focus on enhancing the user experience through their integrated live human service. This ensures seamless, hassle-free interactions, providing support and assistance in real-time. They accompany their clients every step of the way, from application to integration and activation.

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Looking at the current scenario and the growth of e-commerce, it is clear that the need for efficient online payment processing solutions is likely to increase. Hence, the future holds promising growth and expansion for Given their innovative approach and commitment to offering personalized solutions, is poised to emerge as a major player in the FinTech industry.

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