Is This Mobile App Revolutionising UK Home Renovation and Construction Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • is a mobile app that matches contractors to vetted residential projects in London, England.
  • The platform checks that homeowners are tender-ready and sincere about their project, thus eliminating time wasted with uncertain prospects.
  • Contractors can input their business preferences to be matched with suitable projects.
  • is contributing to the digitalisation of the construction and home renovation industry.

Renovating homes and managing construction projects have often been perceived as tasking and time-consuming, especially in trying to find trustworthy contractors for the job. A new mobile app named is looking to revolutionise that narrative by increasing the efficiency of this process., founded by Dan Hardiker, Edward Robertshaw, Gregory Keane and Linden Dover, stands at the intersection of construction, home improvement and technology.

Venturing into a unique blend of the construction, home renovation and IT industries, operates from London and primarily focuses on ensuring a seamless contractor-homeowner interaction. The primary purpose is to ensure that contractors are matched with serious projects requiring their expertise. To do so, they undertake a pre-vetting process for every residential project before matching them to contractors.

What makes stand out in the crowded tech world is its focus on two niche sectors – construction and technology. Their mobile app is disruptive in that it offers a streamlined, efficient pathway for contractors and homeowners to connect. Contractors save time and resources by being matched with pre-vetted projects that align with their business targets and objectives. This not only reduces the frustration of dealing with uncertain prospects but also aids in the efficient allocation of resources.

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The other differentiating factor lies in the seriousness of project selection. ensures that the homeowners are tender-ready and fully understand the scope and depth of the project they’re proposing. This process helps reduce instances of mismatched expectations and ensures that both parties involved in each project are serious and committed to its successful completion.

As the world becomes increasingly digital, startups like are at the forefront of driving the construction and home renovation industries into a new era. If this trend of digitalisation continues, it’s not unrealistic to expect a future where all elements of home renovation and construction are carried out seamlessly online.

Given their fresh approach to an industry ripe for disruption, has a potentially bright future ahead. For more information, you can visit their website at You can also follow their social media accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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