Is This the Future of Analytics? Unleashing Growth Drivers through Efficient Infrastructure

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Key Takeaways

  • 173Tech is a London based Analytics startup founded by Candice Ren and Robin Watteaux.
  • The team has extensive experience in analytics, having developed the analytics function of app group Bumble leading up to its unicorn exit.
  • They aim to help businesses identify growth drivers effectively by establishing efficient data infrastructure.

In a world dominated by data, making sense of the vast amounts of information has never been more critical for businesses. One startup aiming to revolutionise the way companies view and utilise their data is 173Tech. Based out of London, England, 173Tech is a modern analytics agency that assists companies to build the most efficient infrastructure for unlocking their growth drivers from data.

Founded by Candice Ren and Robin Watteaux, The founding team brings a wealth of experience from the analytics function of app group Bumble. Here they built and scaled the analytics function from scratch to a unicorn exit within five years. Their aim with 173Tech is to continue this data journey and aid more consumer businesses to accelerate growth.

Why 173Tech differentiates?

What makes 173Tech stand out from the crowd is its broad and deep understanding of analytics coupled with its experience in building the analytics functionality in start-ups from scratch. This unique combination allows 173Tech to provide tailored infrastructure solutions that are designed not just to handle data but to unlock the potential growth drivers hidden within it.

Moreover, their integrated approach, which includes the analytics function in the earliest stages of business infrastructure development, ensures that growth drivers are correctly identified and maximised. Their focus on efficiency and ease-of-use is designed to do away with the traditional complexity often associated with data analytics.

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The Future of 173Tech and Industry

Considering 173Tech’s innovative approach and proven track record, the future looks promising both for the startup and the Analytics industry as a whole. As businesses increasingly find themselves inundated with data, there will be a growing need for services like those provided by 173Tech to efficiently manage and interpret that data. With the rate of digital transformation set to remain high, the demand for such analytics services is only expected to grow further.

For 173Tech, their mission is to continue amplifying growth drivers for businesses. In the years ahead, the startup is poised for growth as more businesses recognise the importance of integrated and efficient data management for achieving unparalleled growth. In addition to their innovative approach, their website and LinkedIn profile provide more insights into their operations and updates.


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