Is This The Future of Elder Care? A Revolutionary Health Technology Unveiled

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Key Takeaways:

  • CONNECT Care is a revolutionary elder care solution powered by health technology.
  • The startup aims to overcome the problem of patients struggling to comply with their medication routines.
  • Their system empowers patients while providing data-driven insights for clinicians and carers.
  • With an aging population, CONNECT care could shape the future of elder care in the UK and beyond.

Welcome to this edition of, where we spotlight the game-changers in tech startups around the country. Today, we’re showcasing CONNECT Care, a London-based startup that’s shaking up the elderly care sector with cutting edge health technology. The health sector has long been ripe for disruption, with an aging population presenting both challenges and opportunities for startups. Here, we explore how CONNECT Care addresses such challenges to make significant strides in the home healthcare industry.

It’s no secret that up to 50% of patients struggle to adhere to their medication regimens. This is a problem that has been quietly affecting individuals and healthcare systems for some time now. This is where CONNECT Care comes in, providing a solution that empowers patients while providing clinicians and caregivers with the data they need to offer better, more responsive support.

What sets CONNECT Care apart is its innovative use of data. Their system collects real-time data on patients’ medication intake and wellness, providing a wealth of information that doctors, carers, and even family members can use to monitor and adapt care as necessary. This not only keeps patients safer and more supported, but it also makes the job of those caring for them a lot easier. This application of data in healthcare is not new, but CONNECT Care’s focus on using it to support and empower patients is a fresh approach in the sector.

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Furthermore, their solution fits neatly within the rise of ‘telemedicine’ or remote patient management which has been accelerated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Their technology gives people the confidence and ability to manage their own health from home, which is crucial in an age where many are looking for ways to minimise visits to hospitals and clinics.

Looking towards the future, CONNECT Care is poised to play a central role in defining the future of elder care, both in the UK and beyond. With an increasing elderly population and growing demand for home health care services, their model of patient empowerment and data-driven health care is timely and necessary. As they continue to innovate and expand, we expect to see great things from CONNECT Care.

Intrigued and want to learn more? You can find them on their website,, or check them out on social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This story is part of our ongoing series highlighting promising startups in the UK, stay tuned for more.

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