Is This the Future of Global Payment HSM Services in FinTech Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • MYHSM is a global provider of Payment HSM capabilities to the financial payment industry.
  • This startup allows businesses in the finance sector to reduce their capital spend and complexity by outsourcing HSM management.
  • With strong security standards and an ability to significantly reduce cost, MYHSM is setting the stage to become an industry leader.

Within the innovative world of Fintech, one startup is worth watching closely. MYHSM is an Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire-based company that is set to revolutionize how the financial payment industry operates. Founded by Justin Pike, this startup offers Payment Hardware Security Module (HSM) as a service. It reduces both the capital expenditures and complexities often associated with maintaining own setup of HSMs.

With the ever-increasing digitalization in the financial sector, the need for secure payment processing is more critical than ever. This is exactly where MYHSM spots an opportunity. They provide the highest security standards for Payment HSM without the need for businesses to purchase and operate their own.

What Sets MYHSM Apart

The standout feature of MYHSM is their approach to offering HSMs as a service. Traditionally, financial services providers needed to invest heavily in hardware and personnel regulated by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) in order to manage their own HSMs. Not only is this process expensive, but it tends to tie up resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. By providing HSMs as a service, MYHSM offers a convenient way to outsource these tasks, thereby reducing the resources needed to manage and maintain security.

Furthermore, MYHSM’s security standards are at the top level of what’s available in the market. Their offer to maintain security without the need for businesses to purchase and operate their own HSMs, along with their reduced CAPEX and complexity as their USP makes them massively stand out in the industry.

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Looking Forward: The Future of the Startup and its Industry

With more financial services turning to digital transaction processing, the demand for secure HSM management like that offered by MYHSM will only continue to grow. It’s clear that this service is well positioned to become an industry leader, and provides a glimpse into the future of the Financial Technology industry where cost efficiency without compromising security is the key.

Therefore, the future very much could see MYHSM as the standard in Global Payment HSM services. Follow the future of MYHSM through their official social media accounts on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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