Is This UK Startup Revolutionising the Gaming Audio Experience Industry?

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Startups often tackle broad challenges and attempt to present innovative solutions to everyday problems – OIKLA, a United Kingdom based startup, seeks to do exactly that within the gaming audio experience industry. But is it revolutionising the industry? Let’s take a closer look:

Key Takeaways:

  • OIKLA is aiming to implement a worldwide audio standard to enhance gamers’ audio experience while also addressing concerns around hearing safety.
  • The company offers a unique way of augmenting sonic perception, with applications not only for gamers but professionals in the audio sector.
  • Founded by Luigi Paolo Cosi, the startup is based in London.

Located in London, OIKLA fits firmly within numerous rapidly-growing industries – audio, gaming, media and entertainment, and software. Their mission is to usher in a fresh, global audio standard that both elevates the audio experience for gamers while also contributing to a safer hearing environment to lessen instances of hearing loss and tinnitus. This ambitious goal has positioned OIKLA as an interesting player in the audio experience industry.

In their quest to revolutionise the audio landscape of gaming, the startup does not solely cater to gamers. Their unique augmentation of sonic perception tools, consisting of professional editing toolkit and standardisation methods, also provide valuable technology for professionals working within the audio industry. Therefore, the scope of their impact stretches beyond the gaming audience and into the wider audio industry.

The innovative procedures OIKLA employs differentiate it from many other contenders within the industry. The startup offers a distinct solution to the age-old challenge of balancing audio quality with hearing safety. This is done via their unique combination of professional editing toolsets and standardisation methods that can be integrated into professional audio platforms and game engines. By following this strategy, OIKLA adds an additional layer of engagement to the gaming experience.

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Moreover, this London-based startup seeks to serve both gamers and professionals alike, indicating a diversity in their business model and approach. These factors, combined, position OIKLA as a potentially disruptive force in the gaming audio experience industry.

While the audio experience industry is marked by constant shifts and developments, OIKLA emerges as a promising start-up in this sector. Given their innovation-oriented strategy, the startup is expected to make a significant impact on hearing safety and the overall quality of audio experience in gaming. As OIKLA moves forward, there’s substantial potential for the company to spearhead advancements in the industry.

If you want to learn more about OIKLA and their mission, you can find them on their website here . You can also find them on LinkedIn here .

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