Is Voice Security the New Frontier in Reducing Call Centre Fraud?

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Key Takeaways

  • Speik, a startup based in Oxford, offers a novel approach to call centre security through voice security solutions.
  • The company delivers full protection cover from call recording, archiving, to PCI phone payments, fraud detection, and speech analytics.
  • Its unique selling point is its ability to offer solutions in both PCI payments and secure call recording, thereby easing and making PCI DSS compliance cost-effective.
  • With the rising threat of call centre fraud, voice-security could well be the new frontier.

With the increasing integration of technology into all aspects of life, the threat of fraud has never been more pertinent. Call centre, being among the critical interfaces of consumer interaction, are considered prime targets. Recognising this threat is Oxford-based startup, Speik. Speik has turned technology on its head to offer a novel solution in the form of voice-security.

Speik provides a complete protection plan against call recording, archiving, PCI phone payments, through to fraud detection and speech analytics. Through these combined technologies, Speik forms a shield mitigating the risk of call centre fraud and ensuring data security.

Understanding the unique position of Speik requires a comparison with its competitors. While the market for data security has grown fiercely competitive, Speik subtly differentiates itself. Its distinctiveness lies in its positioning as a technology provider offering solutions in both PCI payments and secure call recording. This dual approach frees all credit card data from merchant infrastructure, making the attainment of contact centre PCI DSS compliance far easier, faster, and considerably less expensive.

The profound effect of this is that it simplifies the arduous process of regulatory compliance for businesses. By leveraging Speik’s solution, companies can focus more on customer interaction rather than worrying about potential data breaches and associated costs.

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As we look forward, the future seems promising for Speik. Fraud detection and prevention technology is a growing industry and with the unique proposition of offering voice security, Speik stands at the cusp of significant market penetration. The company, though in its early stages, appears well-positioned to capitalise on the growing need for data protection in the call centre industry.

Given the current trajectory, the industry looks set for a voice-security revolution led by pioneers such as Speik. Keep up to date with Speik’s latest ventures on their LinkedIn.

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