Is Whole-School Approach Revolutionising EdTech in the UK Education Sector?

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Key Takeaways

  • Steer is a cutting-edge EdTech startup, based in Wiltshire, frontrunning the revolution in the UK education sector with its innovative whole-school approach through AS Tracking.
  • Founded by Jo Walker and Simon Walker, Steer leverages 6 years of research to identify and support pupils at risk of social and mental health issues.
  • Steer already impacts nearly 70,000 pupils across the UK, offering early intervention strategies for schools.

Education technology or EdTech companies are consistently on the rise in the UK, demonstrating the country’s commitment to technological solution, and Steer is at the centre of this revolution. This Wiltshire-based startup, founded by Jo Walker and Simon Walker, aims to transform the educational experience for pupils through a whole-school approach, called AS Tracking. This unique offering is changing the landscape of educational support, placing Steer as a rising star in the EdTech, education, and software industries.

With an impressive six years spent on research and development, Steer’s tool is designed to not only identify but also offer early warning and intervention for pupil social and mental health risks. It’s this proactive and comprehensive approach that sets Steer apart, with nearly 70,000 students in both domestic and international schools already benefiting from the innovative application of technology to learning and student welfare.

At a time when student well-being is increasingly coming to the forefront of educational priority, the critical differentiator for Steer is its focus on the holistic aspect of student development. The incorporation of monitoring and early intervention for mental and social health matters within the AS Tracking approach highlights a much-needed paradigm shift in the way educational institutions can support their students. It’s Steer’s integration of these considerations within the pedagogical framework that places them ahead of the curve.

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Moreover, Steer’s approach isn’t just reactionary but helps to preemptively identify students at risk. With the ability to track and support students from ages 8 to 18, the tool offers a thorough safety net, ensuring no student slips through the cracks. This detailed and personalized approach allows schools to tailor support strategies for various individual needs, further differentiating Steer in the saturated EdTech market.

Looking ahead, the future of Steer is set to shape the EdTech industry as a whole. With demand for mental health support in schools growing in the wake of rising challenges faced by students globally, Steer’s holistic educational approach has the potential to become an integral part of the UK and, indeed, international education systems.

Steer’s pursuit of integrating new technologies into its approach is evidence of their commitment to continually raise the bar in student welfare amidst an evolving educational landscape. The founders, Jo and Simon Walker, can be followed on Twitter, and more about their groundbreaking work can be found on Steer’s official website and LinkedIn.

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