Is Your Brand Optimised for E-commerce Giant Platforms: An Inside Look?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Marketplace AMP is a startup focused on making brands thrive on e-commerce giant platforms.
  • The company’s systemic and strategic approach enables brands to outrank, outbid and outsell competition in online marketplaces.
  • E-commerce marketing is rapidly growing and businesses need to adapt to progress.
  • Marketplace AMP points toward a future of continued success and growth in online markets.

The rapid shift to online shopping, further accelerated by the pandemic, has made e-commerce marketing an essential part of every business’s strategy. The journey, however, is marked by massive challenges, including optimising branding on e-commerce giant platforms like Amazon, eBay, Tmall, Alibaba and This is where Marketplace AMP, a startup from Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, enters the game.

Founded by Matthew Anderson, Marketplace AMP is a specialist agency focusing on colossal online marketplaces. The company brings together an experienced international team of e-commerce techs and retail marketing specialists to set up, optimise and advertise brands that struggle to make their presence felt on e-commerce platforms.

By blending proven industry expertise with cutting-edge technologies, Marketplace AMP differentiates itself from the competition. Their claim of helping brands “outrank, outbid or outsell” competition isn’t mere rhetoric – the startup delivers it. They scrutinise the competition, analyse prevalent trends, and leverage advanced data analytics to provide each client with a bespoke marketing strategy immensely powerful in driving online traffic and sales.

Besides offering a stellar suite of services for the main marketplaces, Marketplace AMP also offers Alexa Skills app development. With Voice Search optimisation becoming increasingly important in e-commerce, this added service positions Marketplace AMP at the forefront of marketing innovation.

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The future for Marketplace AMP appears exciting. The company’s adaptability and relentless drive for innovation align perfectly with the rapid progression of e-commerce. As online marketplaces continue to evolve and new e-commerce platforms emerge, Marketplace AMP has the tools and skills to remain relevant, continuing to provide top-notch e-commerce optimisation and marketing services.

As the e-commerce industry barrels forward with unrelenting velocity, companies like Marketplace AMP will pave the way for the prosperity and growth of businesses worldwide. To learn more about Marketplace AMP and its services, please visit their website, and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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