Manchester’s Rising Stars: 15 Viral Recruiting Startups to Watch Out For!

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Manchester, United Kingdom, has emerged as a hotbed of innovation for startups across diverse industries, and the realm of recruiting is no exception. These 15 exciting recruiting startups are making remarkable strides with their cutting-edge solutions, revolutionizing how talent is sourced, engaged, and nurtured. From specialized recruitment consultancies to AI-powered SaaS platforms, these startups are reshaping the future of recruitment and human resources.

The HR Market

The HR Market provides human resources and recruitment services, bridging the gap between talented individuals and forward-thinking companies. With their extensive industry expertise, they match the right candidates with the right opportunities, fostering growth for both job seekers and employers.


NextUpRecruitment is a game-changer in the college recruiting sphere. Their SaaS-enabled platform has made scholarships more accessible than ever before, empowering young talents to pursue higher education and build promising careers.

Strive Sales

Strive Sales specializes in building world-class go-to-market teams for disruptive, VC-backed software companies globally. By curating top talent in big data, cyber security, and SaaS, Strive Sales helps businesses scale and succeed.

Urban Connect

Urban Connect is a specialized recruitment consultancy focusing on Architecture, M&E, Structural & Civil Engineering, and Project & Cost Management. They connect top-notch professionals with prominent firms, shaping the skylines of cities.

V7 Recruitment

V7 Recruitment caters to aviation, construction, data centers, security, and pharmaceutical industries. Their bespoke recruitment solutions ensure businesses in these sectors have the right personnel to soar to new heights.

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Bristow & Hardy

As a digital agency, Bristow & Hardy masters the art of recruitment marketing. From content marketing to brand development and SEO, they craft strategies that attract exceptional talent to their clients.

The Yes Agency

The Yes Agency is a dynamic recruitment agency dedicated to matching talented individuals with employment opportunities across various sectors. Their expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of job seekers and businesses alike.

Condor Hotels

Condor Hotels is a consultancy company specializing in the hospitality and hotel industry. With their marketing and sales expertise, they assist hotels in finding the right talent to deliver exceptional guest experiences.


Your FLOCK is an innovative SaaS platform leveraging data and science to boost team productivity and engagement. By understanding employee motivations, Your FLOCK empowers organizations to create cohesive and successful teams.


Senploy is the UK’s only dedicated job site for careers in Special Education Needs & Disabilities. They play a crucial role in connecting professionals with a passion for inclusive education with schools and institutions.

Org 3D

Org 3D excels in talent acquisition and executive search services. Their SaaS platform, backed by MarTech and AdTech, is a game-changer in streamlining the recruitment process and finding the perfect fit for businesses.

Crew Board

Crew Board offers an innovative online platform for yachts to find crew members and vice versa. By simplifying the hiring process, Crew Board ensures seamless sailing experiences.

Climate Change Careers

Climate Change Careers is a pioneering startup helping individuals forge a path towards meaningful careers in renewable energy and environmental sustainability. They unite passionate professionals with impactful organizations.

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MagniFind serves as a recruitment partner for SaaS vendors looking to expand their commercial teams globally. With a focus on professional services and cutting-edge software, MagniFind connects top talents with tech companies.


Pikkkpro connects professionals through video chat to provide instant support, creating a network of freelancers and fostering social recruiting. Their platform enables collaboration and mentorship among industry peers.


The recruiting landscape in Manchester, United Kingdom, is vibrant and dynamic, thanks to these 15 groundbreaking startups. From harnessing the power of technology to leveraging expertise in niche industries, these startups are redefining how companies find and retain talent. As they continue to grow and innovate, the future of recruitment in Manchester and beyond looks promising, providing exciting opportunities for job seekers and businesses alike.

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