Redefining Commercial Cleaning in the South West: A Sustainable Strategy?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Citrus Clean is a promising start-up in the commercial cleaning industry, servicing schools, shops, offices, and medical buildings across the South West.
  • The company demonstrates a sustainable strategy with a custom-tailored approach, understanding every client’s unique needs.
  • Founded by Andy Thomson and Mark Davis, Citrus Clean emphasises professional, high-quality cleaning service.

Within the industries dealing with real estate and commercial properties, cleanliness and hygiene are of prime importance. Ensuring that workplaces are not just functional but also clean, hygienic, and inviting becomes a significant task. This is where our start-up showcase, Bristol based company, Citrus Clean, steps in. Citrus Clean is a professional cleaning company, dedicated to providing bespoke, thorough cleaning services to commercial properties across the South West.

Founded by Andy Thomson and Mark Davis, Citrus Clean recognises that each of its clients have different cleaning requirements. Whether it be a school, shop, office, or medical building, the cleaning process is tailored to meet the specific needs of the property, ensuring an utmost level of satisfaction from its clients. Their mission is to keep commercial spaces clean, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing for employees, visitors, customers, or students. This understanding and adaptability of Citrus Clean is what sets them apart in the commercial cleaning sector.

Unlike many other cleaning services, Citrus Clean does not offer a generic one size fits all solution. They completely eliminate the notion of cookie-cutter cleaning services and focusses its strategies based on the unique requirements of the clients. By planning and customising cleaning schedules based around the needs of the client, Citrus Clean stands out, setting a new standard in commercial cleaning services. A strategy we believe is not only progressive but also sustainable.

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Furthermore, their commitment to customer satisfaction combined with high-quality cleaning services has earned Citrus Clean a booming reputation amongst its clients. Such an approach is likely to propel their success in the near future. As the demand for high-quality, bespoke cleaning services increases within commercial settings, it is clear that Citrus Clean’s sustainable strategy could become a widespread norm in the industry.

As a conclusion, the future vision and potential of Citrus Clean is promising as it continues to redefine commercial cleaning with a sustainable strategy. Established by Andy Thomson and Mark Davis, Citrus Clean has steadily grown, creating a favourable reputation for delivering a great degree of satisfaction among its clients. Connect with them through their Facebook page and continue tracking their innovative contributions to commercial cleaning in the South West.

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