Redefining Photography: Can Community Curation Revolutionise the Global Photo-Sharing Scene?

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Key Takeaways

  • 100ASA is a London-based start-up leveraging community curation to redefine the photography industry.
  • As the first online photography community to incorporate a curating model, the platform only publishes the best photographs.
  • Co-founded by Andrea Turri and Massimiliano Peluso, the start-up is built on the belief that honest curation can revolutionise the photo-sharing scene globally.
  • Its innovative “Curated Prints Shop” concept features limited edition photographs, each of which has been curated by the community.
  • 100ASA provides photographers the opportunity to gain exposure, receive feedback, and monetize their work.


100ASA, a London-based start-up, is capturing attention as it seeks to break the mold in the photo-sharing industry. At its core, 100ASA is committed to fostering a global photography community that empowers photographers to gain exposure, feedback, and earn money from their work. Its unique community curation model prioritizes quality over quantity and is poised to disrupt the stereotype of traditional photo-sharing platforms.

Co-founded by Andrea Turri and Massimiliano Peluso, the platform was born out of their passion for photography and software engineering. These twin passions ignited the creation of a platform where users can not only share their work but view and appreciate curated, high-quality photographs from various genres across the globe.

What Differentiates 100ASA?

What truly sets 100ASA apart is its integration of honest curation into its platform, a first in the online photography world. Here, community members play a crucial role in deciding which photographs get published, ensuring only the absolute best works make the cut. This encourages ongoing dialogue and feedback, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of photography.

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Further enhancing its distinctiveness, 100ASA has introduced “Curated Print Shops,” another industry first. This innovative concept allows community members to acquire limited edition prints (maximum of 100 per photograph), each curated by the community and exclusive to 100ASA.

Looking Towards the Future

100ASA’s journey to revolutionise the photo-sharing industry has only just begun. The start-up’s unique approach to discovering, cultivating, and showcasing talent is shedding a new light on the potential of photography. There’s an exciting road ahead as it continues to redefine photography through its community-centric curation model, disrupting the status quo and inviting users around the world to engage in the art of photography in a more meaningful way.

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