Redefining Recruitment: Can Video Interviews Streamline the Hiring Process?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Screenable is revolutionising the recruitment process by introducing a smart video interview platform.
  • The start-up aims to increase efficiency and simplify the screening process for applicants and recruiters.
  • Screenable’s unique offering lies in the delivery of applicant’s responses to the recruiter’s inbox in just three simple steps.

The world of recruitment is undergoing a significant transformation. Startups like Screenable are reimagining traditional recruitment by utilizing the increasingly prevalent tool of video. Positioned in the heart of London, Screenable is a burgeoning startup in the dynamic industries of Android, iOS, software, video, web applications and recruitment.

Screenable is a pioneer of a smart video interview platform, aiming to simplify and expedite the job application and interview screening process for both recruiters and applicants. The traditional hiring process often entails extensive time investment, coordination effort, and consuming logistical challenges. Screenable can effectively fault these pain points and streamline recruitment with its innovative platform.

Screenable’s distinctive edge is anchored in its efficient approach to streamlining the screening process. By inviting applicants to answer video interview questions, a recruiter can effortlessly receive their responses directly to their inbox in an efficient three-step procedure. The platform nullifies any geographical constraints and enables recruiters to get a more intuitive understanding of the applicant than a traditional resume can offer.

The founders, Bobby Tang, Kirstie Brockett, and Mac Dziedziela, have utilized their combined expertise in recruiting, software, and web applications to craft Screenable. The result is a platform that is user friendly, effective, and at the forefront of current technological trends in recruitment.

As we move into an increasingly evolved technological era, the prospect for a startup like Screenable is vast. It has already begun to redefine recruitment, and, given the current trajectory, there is little standing in its way to fully transform the industry. By integrating modern technology into an age-old practice, Screenable is setting the precedence for how startups can contribute to efficiency and innovation.

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In conclusion, Screenable is bridging the gap between recruiters and applicants, providing an efficient and effective alternative to the traditional hiring process. For more information on Screenable, visit their website, or follow them on their socials; Twitter, LinkedIn.

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