Revolutionising AI Computer Vision: How Is London Leading the Global Race?

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Key Takeaways:

  • London-based startup Shapes AI is leading the global race in AI computer vision technology.
  • Shapes AI uses ‘Deep Visual Reasoning’ to monitor and analyse scenes, flagging pertinent activities and behaviours.
  • The technology has promising applications in the development of smart cities and autonomous driving.
  • Shapes AI, founded by Seena Rejal, brings together a team of expertise from prestigious academics and industry leaders.

Located in London, one of the world’ s leading technology hubs, a rising startup named Shapes AI is breaking ground in artificial intelligence (AI), specifically in computer vision. Computer vision, which has become one of the main focus areas of AI, aims to give machines the human-like ability to perceive, interpret, and understand visual scenes. Shapes AI takes it one step further by not only enabling machines to see but also to reason with what they see.

The startup’s unique technology termed ‘Deep Visual Reasoning’ is capable of analysing scenes and flagging pertinent activities and behaviours. This award-winning technology is opening up new frontiers in the fields of smart cities and autonomous driving as it brings an unprecedented AI capability to the table.

Differentiating itself in the highly competitive AI market, Shapes AI focuses on ‘Deep Visual Reasoning’, which gives machines a more sophisticated understanding of visual scenes. This capability allows the technology to not only detect objects or motion but also to interpret and reason with these detected elements. The technology’s potential of enabling machines to interpret activities and behaviours makes it highly beneficial for real-world applications where context and meaning matter.

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Shapes AI was founded by Seena Rejal and it brings together a team with a wide range of expertise from prestigious institutions like Cambridge, Stanford, and Princeton, and industry giants like Uber and Microsoft. This varied pool of knowledge and experience has enabled the startup to innovate and push the boundaries of AI and computer vision.

Looking to the future, Shapes AI has the potential to significantly contribute to the expansion of smart cities and autonomous driving. Their distinct AI software can effectively analyse and monitor public spaces for safety, efficiency, and convenience, proving to be an incredible asset for city planning and management. In the realm of autonomous driving, a more advanced level of interpretation of visual scenes could enhance self-driving technologies and improve road safety.

In a rapidly evolving world of technology and urbanisation, Shapes AI’s progressive take on AI and computer vision is setting them up for success. By continually pushing the capabilities of AI, they are not only contributing to London’s booming tech scene but are also affirming the city’s status in the global technology race. Find out more about Shapes AI on their website and on Linkedin.

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