Revolutionising Business Planning: Is Visual Data The Future Of Financial Modelling?

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Key Takeaways

  • Causal is a business planning platform that emphasizes on data visualization and financial modeling.
  • The startup uniquely creates financial models out of variables that link together in simple plain-English formulae.
  • Causal incorporates advanced modeling techniques like scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis and uncertainty in inputs.
  • Integration with spreadsheet software and accounting platforms expands the utility of the platform.
  • With increasing digitisation and data-driven decision-making, Causal and its visual data approach may transform the future of financial modelling.

Business planning is often complex, dense and difficult for non-financial professionals to understand. This obscures the insights that can be derived from financial modeling. A London-based startup, Causal, aims to change this by revolutionising business planning and emphasising visual data. Operating in the industries of Accounting, Data Visualization, FinTech, Internet, and Software, Causal is making a significant impact in the way financial models are created and used.

Considered as a ‘new age’ business planning platform, Causal is designed to make building financial models effortless and interactive. Their aim is to create user-friendly platforms that translate complex data into understandable and valuable insights. The visual dashboards are intended to break down the barriers that complex spreadsheets often present.

The unique selling point of Causal is the simplicity it infuses into financial modelling. Unlike traditional platforms that tend to be rigid, complex, and hard to interpret by non-financial professionals, Causal constructs models out of easy-to-follow variables. These variables are interconnected in simple plain-English formulae, making the models both easy to understand and quick to build. This approach not only improves efficiency but makes financial modelling accessible and transparent to the wider team.

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Additionally, Causal incorporates advanced modeling techniques like scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, and uncertainty in the inputs — all presented visually. The platform can also integrate major data sources, including spreadsheet software like Sheets and Excel along with accounting platforms like Xero and Quickbooks. This ensures all necessary data for financial planning is available in one easy-to-access and comprehend platform.

With businesses leaning more towards data-driven decision-making, startups like Causal may indeed herald the future of financial modelling. Its visually appealing, simple, and effective platform contributes to democratizing the understanding and application of financial models. If the trend continues, more companies, regardless of their size or industry, might start adopting visual-based business planning tools, increasing efficiency and driving better decision- making.

To see more of what Causal has to offer, visit their official website and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn. Led by founders Lukas Köbis and Taimur Abdaal, the future of Causal, and by extension the future of financial modelling, indeed looks promising.

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