Revolutionising Cancer Treatment: How is Personalised Therapeutics Changing Health Care?

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Key Takeaways:

  • VIVAN Therapeutics pioneers in personalized cancer therapeutics using a unique assay technology.
  • Their technology provides a comprehensive, genomics-based, block-chain enabled drug screening service, effectively transforming healthcare.
  • The combination of cancer and non-cancer drugs makes the treatment less toxic and more affordable.
  • By intelligently designing personalized treatments, VIVAN revolutionises cancer care.

Located in London, England, VIVAN Therapeutics is revolutionising the healthcare sector, particularly the way we perceive and handle cancer treatment. This innovative company seamlessly merges big data, healthcare, health diagnostics and therapeutics to provide personalised cancer therapeutics.

Leveraging a novel assay technology along with a licensed technology from the Center for Personalized Cancer Therapeutics at Mt Sinai New York, VIVAN Therapeutics looks set to redefine the entire spectrum of cancer care. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing the most comprehensive, personal genomics-based, blockchain-enabled drug screening service.

Unlike traditional modes of treatment, VIVAN Therapeutics adopts a unique approach. All their recommended treatment combinations include a cancer drug and a non-cancer drug. This distinctive combination, based on intelligent design, not only makes the treatment less toxic but also translates into more affordability. This innovative approach sets VIVAN Therapeutics apart as a unique player in the field.

The expertise of this startup lies in its ability not only to understand the complexity of each patient’s genomic data but also to correlate it effectively with relevant treatment combinations. This in turn, provides optimized, precise therapy options for the patients. VIVAN Therapeutics ensures an unmatched level of personalised cancer care.

It is clear that VIVAN Therapeutics’ groundbreaking assay technology promises to revolutionise the future of cancer treatment. By presenting a unique fusion of personalised cancer care and affordability, they are not just creating a niche for themselves in the healthcare sector, but they are reshaping the industry itself.

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As healthcare continues to adapt and grow, we can expect VIVAN Therapeutics to lead the charge in the therapeutic industry with their innovative approach towards tackling cancer. Therapeutics personalized for each patient could very well become a new standard in cancer care and treatment.

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