Revolutionising E-Commerce: The Leading UK Cloud Infrastructure Consultancy?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Echron, a leading UK-based technology startup that specialises in software, e-commerce, and cloud infrastructure consulting.
  • They offer a wide range of services, from full software development lifecycle to expert advice on e-commerce projects.
  • Echron is highly experienced with Magento-based e-commerce platform.
  • This consultancy firm has a promising future as e-commerce and digital frontiers expand.

Based out of London, Echron is a rapidly rising UK startup worth noticing in the e-commerce and cloud infrastructure consultation field. Specialising in software and e-commerce consultancy, the company has quickly proven itself as a pioneer, helping businesses with tailor-made software solutions. The startup enables companies to build better software, offering guidance and expertise at every stage of the software development lifecycle.

Founded by Stijn Duynslaeger, this innovative independent consultancy serves clients from diverse backgrounds; lending its acclaimed services to agencies as well as different industry-based companies. Echron’s specialty lies in e-commerce, specifically on the Magento platform. However, they go beyond just delivering projects – providing optimal strategies, insightful advice on e-commerce projects, web and mobile applications, SaaS solutions and services that are fit to purpose.

What sets Echron apart from the rest is a blend of their expertise in Magento based e-commerce platforms, their comprehensive assistance throughout the full software development lifecycle, and their individualised approach to each project. Their ability to add value to their clients’ projects with their exceptional consulting services also differentiates them. Echron adapts their knowledge and skills to align with the specifics business needs and the uniqueness of the project, making them highly sought after in the e-commerce and cloud infrastructure consultation industry.

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Furthermore, their grasp on the latest digital platforms, web, and mobile applications and SaaS solutions are a testament to their forward-thinking approach. Unlike many consulting firms, Echron not only offers guidance but also gets actively involved in development, ensuring the best possible results.

As e-commerce continues to boom, companies like Echron, which provide such specialized and comprehensive consulting services, see an increasingly promising future. The company stands as a significant player in the rapidly evolving market and is set to witness significant growth in the near future. As more businesses migrate to cloud-based SaaS and mobile platforms, Echron’s broad-based expertise and hands-on approach ensure they are well equipped to be at the forefront of this continuously advancing industry.

If you wish to learn more about Echron, you can visit their official website at To stay updated with their latest developments, you can follow them on Twitter at and LinkedIn at

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