Revolutionising Facility Management: Can Web-first Software Drive Self-Storage Industry Growth?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Stora is revolutionising the self-storage industry with a web-first software solution.
  • Offering a customisable online facility management system that automates key tasks.
  • Stora software comes with a ready-to-use website, enabling businesses to easily conduct online transactions.
  • Potential for significant growth & expansion in the fast-evolving self-storage industry

In recent years, technology has revolutionised the way we manage businesses, bringing everyday tasks into the digital age. One industry that has been relatively untouched by this trend is the self-storage industry. Now, UK-based startup Stora is poised to transform this business sector with its innovative web-first self-storage software product. Founded by Steven Hylands and Will McNeilly in Banbridge, Stora is shaking up the traditional ways of facility management, particularly for self-storage operators.

Stora is designed to let any self-storage operator grasp the full potential of the web and run their business online. It provides them with an online platform where they can customize their website, set prices and discounts, allocate units, and review their key business metrics. Beyond functionality, the software also includes online bookings and payments, making it much easier for businesses and their customers to interact and complete transactions online.

What makes Stora stand out is its deep understanding of the self-storage industry and its unique needs. Instead of offering a generic software solution, it tailors each platform to the needs of the individual self-storage operator. Users can customize their website for their specific target audience and market, making it a highly efficient sales channel. Stora also includes automatic recurring billing and customer check-ins, saving a significant amount of time and work for these businesses.

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Another aspect setting Stora apart is its commitment to fully embracing the modern web. Businesses can get an easily manageable website, designed to be their number one sales channel. This simplification of formerly complex or daunting tech aspects of the business allows operators to focus more on their customers and property management, paving the way for streamlined, efficient and more customer-focused service.

As the self-storage industry continues to grow, the potential for Stora’s scalability and influence does too. By digitising a lot of the operational aspects of self-storage, Stora isn’t just making life easier for storage business owners, it’s also opening up new opportunities for them in terms of efficiency, customer service, and ultimately growth. Their vision for a more streamlined, web-integrated self-storage sector seems poised to inform the future of the industry as a whole.

As they operate in the expanding market of facility management, Stora has the potential maintaining its innovative stance and leading further growth in the industry. With its clear understanding of market needs and how to utilise modern web technology, Stora appears set to continue its tech-led revolution in self-storage industry.

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