Revolutionising Global Recruitment: Is Borderless Talent Acquisition the Future?

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Key Takeaways:

  • is revolutionising global recruitment by creating a borderless job market.
  • The startup leverages its own matching algorithms and maintains a human touch throughout the hiring process.
  • Beyond just matching, they support companies through the complex process of recruitment.
  • With talent acquisition becoming a challenge in today’s industry, bridges the gap between companies seeking talent and developers looking for opportunities.
  • Hailing from London, the startup aims to expand and augment more under-tapped markets in the near future.

In an ever-developing digital age, companies are seeking to hire talent without the limitations of geographical borders., a promising London-based startup, is gradually reshaping the landscape of global recruitment by enabling companies to hire developers from under-tapped markets across the world. With the concept of borderless talent acquisition gaining ground, creates a fast and seamless hiring process for companies worldwide.

This innovative startup is led by a dynamic trio; Bahar Gunes Scigaj, Ecem Korkmaz Gelal, and Erdem Gelal. Utilising their combined expertise in Human Resources, Information Technology and Recruiting, they are driving their mission to tap into an under-utilised talent pool, offering them thriving opportunities in a diverse range of companies. is distinguished by putting its distinctive matching algorithms to use, which not only match companies to developers based on skill sets but also makes the process efficient. By building a community of developers from under-tapped markets and focusing on the much-needed human touch with candidates, takes strides in making global recruitment both adaptable and sustainable.

Moreover, the startup does not limit its aim to just matching candidates; it supports companies throughout the hiring process. From the initial reach out to the integration of the selected candidate with the team, ensures the process is less taxing, efficient, and more importantly, borderless.

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The future of recruitment lies in seamless, efficient, and borderless operations. is an exemplar of this trend, providing the solution with its unique approach to global talent acquisition. Aided by technologically advanced algorithms tailored to match the specific needs and requirements of companies, this startup’s potential is immense.

As the world of work is becoming increasingly global and digital, the influence and necessity of companies such as is anticipated to rise significantly. Its pursuit to tap into under-utilised markets and provide a seamless and efficient recruitment process does not just serve the immediate needs of various companies, but also paves the way for a borderless future of talent acquisition.

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