Revolutionising Graduate Recruitment: Next Big Thing in Human Resources Sector?

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  • Slync is a software platform focusing on early careers and graduate recruitment.
  • It offers an innovative, integrated approach to recruitment, moving away from traditional methods and embracing mobile-friendly and and social media focused strategies.
  • The platform includes a mobile app for candidates, allowing them to create video CVs and present themselves in a more personal and unique way to potential employers.
  • Employers access the Slync web app to scout for talent, promote opportunities and engage with Slync’s talent community.

Slync, a dynamic startup based in London, is aiming to revolutionise the graduate recruitment sector with its innovative integrated platform. Born with digital natives in mind, Slync has been built to keep up with the changing behavioural trends of a new generation of talent that is moving away from traditional methods of application to a mobile-friendly and a social approach. The startup falls into three prominent industries: Human Resources, iOS, and Staffing Agency.

Seizing the era of technological advancements, Slync makes use of a software platform for its operation. In a world where most things are accessible at our fingertips, Slync takes advantage of this convenience and offers its services mainly through a mobile-based platform, keeping the Gen Z and millennial users in mind.

What sets Slync apart from other recruitment platforms is its unique approach of blending traditional HR methods with modern technological advancements. Instead of sticking with the usual CV and cover letter model, Slync opted for a mobile-based platform where candidates can showcase their talents and deliver their personality more effectively, through video CVs. This provides a real-life simulation of the candidate’s potential, which printed CVs are unable to do. Furthermore, the platform allows employers to easily identify and scout for their desired candidate from the pool of talent available, making the recruitment process drastically more efficient.

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The UK-based startup is also focusing on building a community, side by side with their recruitment platform. Through the Slync web app, recruiters can not only search for potential employees but also engage directly with the platform’s growing talent community, ensuring more user interaction and a dynamic platform, keeping the users invested and creating a win-win scenario. Slync’s approach of focusing on early career professionals and graduates with a completely new approach puts them in the spotlight for being a game-changer in recruitment.

Looking forward, Slync promises a revolution in recruitment, focusing mainly on graduates and early professionals, which is a relatively unexplored sector when it comes to digital recruitment. With their unique strategies and an innovative approach to HR, Slync is set to become the next big thing in the Human Resources industry. Their growth and success could potentially redefine HR for companies on a global level, making it a potential game changer.

The tech start-up scene is an exciting world, and Slync is definitely a start-up to keep an eye on. You can keep up to date with their journey by following Slync on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And be sure to check out their website:

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