Revolutionising Local Experiences: New Internet Marketplace Champions UK Enterprises?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Yuup is a marketplace for experiences, providing a platform for individuals and enterprises to create, market and book various activities.
  • Based in Bristol, Yuup is aiming to revolutionize the experiences industry, with a particular focus on local communities.
  • The platform’s USP lies in its vision for championing local individuals and businesses, emphasising the importance of community.
  • With the rise of experiential consumption patterns, Yuup is tapping into a trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

In recent years, there has been a shift towards experiential consumption. More than buying products, consumers are now searching for and enjoying experiences. Tapping into this trend is Yuup, an online experiences marketplace based out of Bristol. Conceptualized by a team of six founders – Anna Kissin, Dominic Mills, James Freedman, Jon Davie, Jonathan Simmons, and Marc Parnell – Yuup aims to provide a platform for discovering, booking and gifting various engaging experiences, while promoting local communities and businesses.

Aiming to bring exposure and revenue to independent businesses, crafters and creatives, Yuup is working towards making an impact on local economies. The platform, standing on the intersection of Internet, Leisure, and Marketplace sectors, envisions a thriving local community supported by the unique experiences it offers.

What sets Yuup apart from its contemporaries is its focus on local. Unlike other experience platforms, Yuup is specifically tailored for local experiences. This unique point of difference enables the platform to connect communities, promote local businesses and offer an array of experiences some bigger competitors might overlook. Additionally, Yuup’s passionate belief in community lends a personal touch to the experience that consumers can greatly appreciate.

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Apart from showcasing experiences, Yuup also enables ambitious individuals and enterprises to create and market their own experiences. This dual functionality boosts Yuup’s proposition by providing an outlet for creatives while simultaneously catering for experiential consumption trends.

Given the steady rise in the experiences industry, it can be projected that Yuup will play a significant role in shaping how consumers engage with their local communities. By providing a platform to discover and book experiences, as well as create and market them, the company is championing not only enterprises but the UK’s enterprise culture as well.

Yuup’s model stands as a testament to how technology can embed itself within the framework of local communities to foster economic growth. It will be interesting to watch this Bristol-based startup redefine the way we perceive and partake in local experiences. Interested readers can follow Yuup’s journey via their website here and social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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