Revolutionising Neurological Healthcare: Can Intranasal Orexin Modulators Be the Answer?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Inexia is a London-based startup that operates in the biotechnology, health care, neuroscience, and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The company develops intranasally administered orexin positive modulators for treating neurological disorders.
  • Orexin, a key regulator of behavioural arousal, wakefulness and sleep, is strongly linked to multiple neurological conditions like narcolepsy.
  • Founded by Mario Alberto Accardi, Inexia is carving a unique space for itself in the healthcare sector.

Inexia, a startup based in the heart of London, is making waves in the realms of biotechnology, healthcare, neuroscience, and pharmaceuticals. The company’s mission is to develop intranasally administered orexin positive modulators for the treatment of neurological diseases, taking a novel approach to tackling debilitating conditions such as narcolepsy and others. By utilising the pivotal orexin system, Inexia aims to revolutionise the way we understand and treat such neurological disorders.

The orexin system, a key regulator of behavioural arousal, wakefulness, and sleep, is strongly linked with a variety of neurological conditions. This system is often impaired in individuals with conditions such as narcolepsy. In these cases, the orexin receptors remain intact and functional, providing us with opportunities for therapeutic intervention and the potential to drastically improve the quality of life for those suffering from these conditions.

What sets Inexia apart in this industry is the company’s unique approach to treatment development, focusing on the orexin system. This concentration on a specific area of the brain that is often overlooked is what makes Inexia stand out amongst competitors. While others search for broad spectrum treatments, Inexia takes a focused approach. Their treatments are specially designed and developed to be administered intranasally, they aim to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the battle against neurological disorders.

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Furthermore, Inexia isn’t just about developing treatments. The company is also committed to furthering the overall understanding of the orexin system and its influence on various neurological conditions. Founded by Mario Alberto Accardi, Inexia showcases a team that is dedicated to bringing innovative and life-changing treatments to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

As Inexia continues to evolve, so too will the landscape of the healthcare industry. The company’s dedicated focus on the orexin system gives hope to countless individuals suffering from narcolepsy and potentially other neurological conditions that may be linked to this system. There is no doubt that Inexia is poised to have a significant influence on the future of neurological healthcare.

To learn more about Inexia and their revolutionary approach to neurological healthcare, please visit their website at, or follow them on LinkedIn.

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