Revolutionising Public Services: Can AI Power Up Digital Self-Service Platforms?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Viko Ai, a London-based startup, revolutionises public services by utilising artificial intelligence to power up digital self-service platforms.
  • Unlike chatbots, Viko requires no custom development or scenario training. It uses a neural network to generate answers for users, interfacing with HTML, Word, and PDF documents.
  • Serving local authorities, NHS integrated care boards and a large energy company, Viko underlines the future potential of AI platforms in providing streamlined and effective services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making revolutionary strides in various sectors, and public services are no exception. Enter Viko Ai, a London-based startup providing an AI-powered digital self-service platform. Serving users round the clock, the platform answers questions in real time, significantly enhancing the efficiency and convenience of public and healthcare services. Working with local authorities and NHS integrated care boards, Viko Ai demonstrates the transformative potential of integrating AI into public service operations.

The remarkable trait of Viko Ai is its capability to operate without custom development or elaborate scenario training. Instead, the platform’s neural network extracts answers directly from existing HTML, Word, and PDF documents, thereby eliminating the need for extensive preparatory work and enabling swift integration into existing systems. This makes Viko Ai a valuable asset to organisations looking to digitise their services without navigating the challenges of building AI platforms from scratch.

It is Viko Ai’s minimal requirements for integration that set it apart from other startups in the AI sector. Unlike traditional chatbots that require lengthy, often complex, programming and training to function effectively, Viko Ai’s technology dives straight into existing data sources. Consequently, this cuts down significantly on production time—with Viko Ai boasting of realisation within weeks—and reduces costs associated with custom development.

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Moreover, while most AI platforms tend to specialise in a specific industry sector, Viko Ai’s services find utility across an array of sectors. It’s not only public services and healthcare where Viko has made an impact but also within a major energy company, demonstrating the versatility of the AI platform. This universal applicability gives Viko Ai a distinct edge in the evolving AI market, where adaptability is paramount.

Considering the rapidly-growing adoption of AI across various industries, Viko Ai is well-positioned for significant growth. In a world where consumers demand speedy responses and streamlined services, the importance of AI-powered self-service platforms will only escalate. As Viko continues to augment its systems and expand its clientele base, it becomes clear that the startup isn’t just revolutionising public services, but rather, shaping the future of digital service provision.

To learn more about Viko Ai or to keep tabs on their latest developments, you can visit their website, or follow them on Twitter via @VikoAi, on Facebook and LinkedIn. With Viko Ai paving the way to a more efficient and customer-centric future, it underlines the power and potential of AI in revolutionising public service platforms.

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