Revolutionising Residential Property Checks: A New Era for UK Real Estate?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Housecheckr revolutionises property checks by using a 160-point checklist
  • Offers a bespoke residential report checking service for businesses
  • Streamline the home buying and selling experience
  • Identifies issues not usually found in traditional property surveys
  • Digitally enhancing the UK Real Estate Industry

It is often said that home is where the heart is. This sentiment is echoed in the recent strides being made in the UK real estate industry, coming in the form of startups that aim to streamline and improve on traditional processes. Leading the charge in this direction is Norwich-based startup, Housecheckr. Demystifying and simplifying the tedious and often times cumbersome property checking process, they are the answer to the all-important question: “Revolutionising Residential Property Checks: A New Era for UK Real Estate?”

The Real Estate Industry has experienced a boom in technological advancements over recent years, many of which aim to improve the buying and selling process. One such startup doing exactly that is Housecheckr. Their vision revolves around offering a new perspective in how residential property checks are done. By using a 160-point checklist, they are revolutionising the process and potentially impacting the entire industry.

Offering a software solution from their base in Norwich, Norfolk, Housecheckr differentiates itself with a 160-point checklist used in conducting property checks. This checklist helps to identify issues that would not normally be found by a traditional survey. It essentially takes out the guesswork of property checking, providing comprehensive and precise data about a property that greatly assists both home buyers and sellers. All checks are done by a Housecheckr representative at the property using an app, with customers able to instantly view the report results after submission. This entire process reduces complexities, saving time and resources.

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Moreover, for businesses, Housecheckr offers another tantalising prospect — building bespoke residential report checking service according to their specific needs. It includes features such as dashboards and reporting that are accessible through the app or online. This innovation opens the door to new partnership potentials within the industry, thus setting Housecheckr apart from other startups in the real estate industry.

As with any startup aiming to leave a lasting footprint, Housecheckr seems well-positioned towards a promising future. Their unique approach to residential property checking harmonises technology and real estate, driving a digital transformation of the industry. Their tools, services and overall vision represent a significant move towards more efficient, sophisticated and user-friendly processes in this sector.

With the continued rise of Internet of Things and Big Data and an ever-growing property market, Housecheckr stands solid in its path forward. It is undeniably heralding a new era of streamlining and efficiency in the property checking process, essentially bringing a new dawn to the UK’s real estate industry. Visit their website for more information. You can also connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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