Revolutionising Tyre Shopping: Can Price Comparison Sites Improve Road Safety?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Motokiki is a UK-based startup that brings price comparison to the tyre market.
  • The company provides a platform for consumers to compare prices, purchase tyres and get guidance on the correct fitment.
  • The platform also prioritises road safety, offering advice and information on tyre and wheel sizes for each vehicle.
  • The rise of price comparison sites in automotive industry is likely to affect a future spike in road safety.

Shopping for tyres can be quite the hassle for most vehicle owners. Between trying to find the right size, typing, brand and finding the best price, the process can be rather tiresome. That’s where UK-based startup, Motokiki, comes into the picture. The company aims to simplify the tyre shopping experience by providing an impartial tyre comparison site, essentially becoming the middleman between shoppers and the tyre market.

The Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, based company, founded by Debra Williams, not only offers price comparison and purchasing processes, but also focuses heavily on road safety. They provide consumers with essential guidelines on the correct tyre fitment for their particular vehicle. This service can help reduce the incidence of tyre-related accidents, thereby improving road safety.

What sets Motokiki apart from other automotive startups is their commitment to impartial advice and safety. Unlike many tyre retailers who push specific brands or types, Motokiki provides unbiased advice to ensure that clients get the best fit for their vehicle. In a market where safety and affordability should be key deciding factors, such transparency can be a game changer.

Furthermore, while there are numerous price comparison sites for products and services, very few exist for automotive parts and services, making Motokiki’s offering quite unique. The confluence of price transparency, impartial advice and a commitment to safety certainly positions them as an innovation in the automotive industry.

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As vehicle owners become more educated and savvy, the demand for platforms that offer more than just price comparisons is set to rise. Motokiki is ideally positioned to meet this need while also improving safety standards in the tyre industry. With a unique offering and a clear focus on customer satisfaction and safety, Motokiki’s future looks promising.

The automotive industry, particularly the tyre sector, is poised for transformation. And as the sector evolves, it can be inferred that price comparison sites that prioritize safety, like Motokiki, will play a critical role in shaping a safer, more cost-effective industry.

Interested individuals can learn more about Motokiki and its offerings by visiting their website at, or connect with them on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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