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Ada Ventures is a new-age venture capital fund that believes in investing in breakthrough ideas that solve some of the hardest problems in our society. From climate change to healthcare and economic empowerment, Ada Ventures has invested in extraordinary talent building breakthrough solutions to serve underserved and unserved markets. And, they focus on building companies at the pre-seed and seed stage that have a significant global impact.

Finding and funding the extra-ordinary talent in the UK

Ada Ventures is a venture capital fund with a difference – they focus on nurturing and funding extraordinary talent building breakthrough ideas for the most challenging problems in society. It is not just about the business plan, but the founders behind it. Ada Ventures looks for founders who are passionate about their cause and who have the skills to bring their vision to fruition.

A unique investment approach

Ada Ventures has a unique investment approach. They believe in identifying underserved or unserved markets and opportunities for significant global scale and impact with a technology moat and defensible tech, specifically a breakthrough idea. They believe in investing in the future and in founders who are passionate about making a real difference in the world. All that while generating returns for their investors.

Investing in the future

Ada Ventures is named in honour of Ada Lovelace, the pioneering computer programmer and mathematician, who is often referred to as the first computer programmer. Ada argued that machines could, in theory, do much more than just calculate. She predicted that they could be used for any purpose, from composing music to creating graphics. She was never recognised during the time she lived for what she contributed to the advancement of technology and science.

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Today, Ada Ventures is continuing Ada’s legacy by investing in the cutting-edge innovation and technology that will shape our future. By providing funding and support to the most talented and visionary founders, Ada Ventures is paving the way for the technologies of the future, just as Ada Lovelace did more than a century ago.


Ada Ventures is a ground-breaking venture capital fund that believes in investing in breakthrough ideas and extraordinary talent. With their unique investment approach, Ada Ventures has already invested in firms that are equipped to tackle climate change, healthcare, and economic empowerment. They are going beyond the ordinary to support the extraordinary people who will change the world. In doing so, Ada Ventures is upholding the legacy of Ada Lovelace, one of history’s most groundbreaking computer programmers and mathematicians.


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