Startup Showcase: Alternative Derivatives Exchange – Revolutionizing Digital Asset Futures Trading

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As the world continues to evolve, so does the financial market. The rise of Digital Assets has created a significant impact on the world of finance, and it was only a matter of time before there was a platform solely dedicated to trading these assets. This is where Alternative Derivatives Exchange comes in. Startup Showcase presents an exciting glimpse into the world of Alternative Derivatives Exchange, the leading electronic global futures marketplace for trading a broad array of alternative products, focusing on Digital Assets.

A Revolutionary Platform for Digital Asset Futures Trading

Alternative Derivatives Exchange is a startup that plans to change the way Digital Asset futures trading is done. The company aims to provide an electronic venue for trading a range of deliverable Digital Asset products as futures, bringing together buyers and sellers of derivative contracts on Digital Assets. By doing so, the platform increases accessibility, transparency, trust, speed, and quality of trade execution in the Digital Asset market.

Innovative Product Pipeline

Alternative Derivatives Exchange is not just limited to Digital Assets. The company has a range of products in the pipeline, including Freight, Weather, and Hashing futures. The platform will launch Freight and Weather futures in partnership with entities that act as brokers in these markets or large participants such as shipping companies. The company’s open architecture business model, allowing centralized access to trading in futures on a decentralized cleared basis through multiple interfaces, allows its participants to optimize their trading operations and strategies.

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A Market Data Subsidiary

As Alternative Derivatives Exchange continues to disrupt the market through its innovative trading platform, the company intends to spin-off a variety of market data services for futures. This fully integrated market data subsidiary will allow the company to offer market data services to its customers, creating an all in one financial trading hub for Alternative Derivatives Exchange’s customers.

The Largest Digital Asset Futures Exchange Outside of North America

Alternative Derivatives Exchange’s business model is built to disrupt the market, bringing together the world of finance and Digital Assets. The electronic platform’s scalability allows the company to provide several unique services for both Digital Asset and traditional futures trading. The company plans to conduct its futures business directly and its Clearing business through a wholly or partially owned subsidiary, ADE Clear Chain. At launch, Alternative Derivatives Exchange will be the largest Digital Assets futures exchange outside of North America, disrupting the existing traditional financial system.


Alternative Derivatives Exchange is changing the financial world’s perception of Digital Assets, creating a viable electronic platform for Digital Asset futures trading. The company’s innovative business model, product pipeline, and market data subsidiary plan are the foundation for the company’s success. Alternative Derivatives Exchange will continue to disrupt the market, creating a catalog of unique trading services for both digital and traditional markets. The company is poised to take on the world of finance, creating the gold standard for digital asset futures trading in the UK and beyond.





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