Startup Showcase: Arcade Industries – Crafting Playable Places in Augmented Reality

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Arcade Industries is a London-based immersive technology startup that is transforming physical places into digital realms through the power of augmented reality (AR). By creating “Playable Places,” Arcade is redefining the ways in which we interact with our environments and each other. In this startup showcase, we will explore the innovative work of Arcade Industries and how it is revolutionising the immersive technology landscape.

An Introduction to Arcade Industries

Founded by CEO Richard Corps, Arcade Industries has reimagined the traditional concept of an arcade as a modern, digital experience using AR technology. Incorporated in 2019, the company has since worked with major brands such as Heineken, ITV, and L’Oreal to create interactive AR experiences that deliver personalised, engaging experiences for their customers. Using its enhanced method of design thinking informed by its expertise in immersive technologies, architecture, and commercial strategy, Arcade Industries empowers its clients with a rich stream of unique data which they can use to better understand their audience and optimise their business operation.

Creating Playable Places

Arcade’s Playable Places are spaces that have been transformed into augmented reality environments. These spaces can be anything from a retail store to a museum or even a public park, made interactive through the integration of digital images or animations which can be seen when viewed through a compatible device or app. Customers can be fully immersed in the interactive environment while interacting with the real world, and can even capture and share content to their social media. This creates the potential for a more meaningful and memorable experience for them and greater engagement with the brand.

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Delivering Benefits for Clients

Incorporating Arcade’s technology offers a myriad of advantages for brands. Through immersive, interactive experiences, brands can increase customer engagement, create memorable experiences, and attract new customers. Playable Places also allows users to provide valuable data insights about engagement and audience behaviour, which businesses can utilise to optimise the physical space and improve customer satisfaction. This technology can also help businesses to save costs by eliminating the need for physical promotion materials like brochures or coupons. Because AR experiences can be delivered through apps or the web, the Playable Places ecosystem is highly scalable and can reach customers worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Arcade Industries is at the forefront of an exciting technological revolution using the power of augmented reality. By creating Playable Places, they are reinventing the way we engage with the world around us, and delivering truly immersive experiences for customers. With their expertise in design thinking, immersive technology, commercial strategy and architecture, they offer a unique and valuable service that benefits businesses in a multitude of ways. As markets shift towards digital experiences post-pandemic, Arcade’s innovative tech has the potential to connect brands with audiences in entirely new ways.


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