Startup Showcase: Atlas City Global – Building a Fair and Efficient Blockchain Solution for Real-World Applications

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From facilitating secure financial transactions to revolutionizing supply chain management, blockchain technology has incredible potential for various industries. And London-based startup, Atlas City Global, is doing its bit to advance the field of blockchain even further.

Founded in 2017, Atlas City Global is developing a distributed computing solution that is not based on existing blockchains, but built from scratch. This innovative approach has allowed the company to create a fair and efficient model of consensus, which incorporates the lessons learned from the first generation of blockchains.

At Atlas City Global, the focus is on creating a blockchain that can be used in the real world. The company is working with innovators in diverse fields like supply chain, logistics, energy, law, and financial services to build its Catalyst Network, which will be launched as an open-source project in 2019.

Building a Blockchain Solution from Scratch

Unlike many blockchain-based startups that build their solutions on pre-existing networks, the team at Atlas City Global has taken a different approach. They are building a new blockchain solution from scratch that is designed for real-world applications.

One of the key innovations of Atlas City’s Catalyst Network is its consensus mechanism, which makes it possible to achieve agreement across a network of decentralized nodes faster and more efficiently than earlier blockchain models. This makes the Catalyst Network suitable for use in industries where real-time transaction processing is critically important.

Innovating Blockchain for Real-World Applications

Atlas City Global is working with various industry participants to create tailored solutions for different sectors of the economy. For example, the Catalyst Network has already been applied to the supply chain industry to improve efficiency and transparency.

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By providing software development tools, distributed application development, and private instances of the Catalyst Network for industry-specific applications to enterprises, Atlas City Global plans to support the growth of the blockchain ecosystem. This will enable new companies to develop innovative applications that leverage the power of blockchain technology.

Looking Ahead: Catalyst Network Launch

Atlas City Global’s Catalyst Network is set to be launched in 2019 as an open-source project, which will allow anyone to participate in the development of the network. The company is currently in discussions with partners in the technology and business communities to build the ecosystem around the Catalyst Network.


As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Atlas City Global is positioning itself as a thought leader in developing blockchain solutions for real-world applications. By collaborating with industry leaders, the company is building a network that can have a transformative impact on how business is done across a range of sectors.


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