Startup Showcase: Revolutionizing Risk and Control Management with NLP

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The modern business environment is volatile, and risk management is an indispensable aspect of any organization. Manual documentation and reporting on risk and control can become burdensome, requiring thousands of expensive subject matter expert (SME) time. Often, this results in poor quality information being captured in GRC solutions, which only leads to inhibited risk-based decision-making and reduced management confidence. Meet, London-based B2B SaaS Company that is revolutionizing the Risk and Control Management Industry.

About is a preeminent player in Natural Language Processing (NLP) that uses technology to assess the quality of risk and control documentation. Over-dependence on human expertise in assessing risk and controls documentation makes it hard to maintain cohesion and quality at scale, leading to poor quality information. Our goal is to solve this problem by providing near-real-time feedback to end-users on the quality of risk and control documentation, automating assessments that were initially carried out manually by expensive subject matter experts (SME).

How Helps:’s solution eliminates the need for hiring expensive SMEs for risk and control assessment. The application uses NLP to grade risk and control documentation according to industry best practice, providing valuable insights that enable companies to make risk-based decisions. By automating the risk and control documentation process, provides businesses with the confidence to stay ahead of the risks, vulnerabilities, and threats that could affect operations.

Target Market:

Our target customers are most often the second and third lines of defence in corporate organizations. Our buyers commonly include the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Head of Internal Audit, Chief Risk Officer, or Head of Control. aims to reduce the cost of compliance and provide an expert’s reference to ensure that the ever-expanding scope of risk and control is updated continually.

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Conclusion: takes pride in making risk and control assessment seamless, automated, and insightful. Our mission is to become the go-to company for organizations looking to stay ahead of risks and vulnerabilities. We offer Groundbreaking NLP solutions that automate the risk and control assessments process, improve decision-making, boost confidence, and maintain cohesion and quality at scale.


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