Startup Showcase: Axes Industries – Disrupting Traditional Brokerage with €0 Commission Trading

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Axes Industries is causing ripples in the traditional brokerage scene with its innovative CFD’s Neo-Brokerage platform. The London-based startup offers commission-free trading on all asset classes, aiming to democratize finance and bring transparency, flexibility, and mobility to investors. Axes Industries has taken up the challenge of normalizing access to finance and simplifying investment options, making trading accessible to all while bridging the gap between investors and the financial market.

The Axes Industries Mission – Making Finance Accessible to All

Axes Industries was founded with a simple yet ambitious mission – to democratize finance and make it accessible to all. The startup aims to simplify the investment process and eliminate the barriers that have kept many potential investors away from the financial markets. Axes is on a mission to create an inclusive community where everyone can learn about finance, grow their assets, and achieve financial freedom.

Axes Industries – Redefining the Trading Experience

Axes Industries offers a range of trading options, including equity, cryptocurrency, and options trading, that enables traders to execute trades without worrying about commissions. Axes Industries has created an easy-to-use platform that caters to both novice and professional traders with advanced analytical tools, real-time market data, and market insights. Axes Industries has paved the way for a new type of brokerage, providing a simple, transparent, and low-cost way for everyone to trade and manage their money.

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Axes Industries – Disrupting the Brokerage Industry with Innovative Technology

Axes Industries has leveraged innovative technologies to create a swift and secure trading platform that has quickly become challenging the conventional brokerages. The startup’s platform features a mobile application that enables traders to trade wherever and whenever they want, making it flexible and convenient, even for busy individuals. The app is user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for traders to place trades and access their trading accounts. Axes has also made sure that their platform is secure, with multiple layers of security that protect traders’ trading accounts and investment portfolios.


Axes Industries has shown that finance trading can be simple, transparent, and accessible to everyone. The startup’s commission-free trading platform has succeeded in making trading available to everyone, regardless of their financial background or expertise. Axes Industries has brought a new dimension to the brokerage industry, democratizing finance by offering low-cost means for traders to execute trades while gaining market insights and protecting their investments. Axes Industries is set to revolutionize the brokerage industry, making it more accessible to everyone and bridging the gap between the public and the financial markets.





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